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If there is a shortage in agricultural laws, we will remove them, MSP was and will remain: PM Modi in Rajya Sabha

In the Rajya Sabha, the PM said that if there is any relaxation in the agricultural law, he will do it. (Image: RS TV)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) said in the Rajya Sabha on Monday that the government is ready to reform the agricultural law. If there is any deficiency or laxity in the law, we will fix it. The PM said the House, “The government is always ready to negotiate with the farmer agitators. We are inviting talks with the House. ” On the issue of Minimum Support Price (MSP), PM reiterated that MSP was, is and will remain. He asked the opposition to work together towards agricultural reforms, it will be in the interest of farmers. Prime Minister Modi was speaking on the motion of thanks on the President’s address on Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Give agricultural reforms an opportunity. We should see once whether agricultural change leads to change. If there is any deficiency, we will fix it, if there is laxity, you will tighten it. I assure that mandis will become more modern. It is MSP, it was SSP and it will be MSP. ” The PM also said that the 80 crore people who are given ration in cheap will also be continuous.

The PM said, “Every law changes after some time after good suggestions. So with good suggestions to do good, we have to move forward with the preparation of good reforms. I invite all of you that we have to take the country forward, while explaining to the agitators, for the development of the agricultural sector, to advance the country. ”

Quoted former PM Manmohan Singh

Responding to the invading opposition on agricultural laws, Prime Minister Modi quotes former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement. He said, “Manmohan Singh ji had expressed his intention to give the farmer freedom to sell produce, to give India an agricultural market and that is the work we are doing. You people should be proud to see that Manmohan Singh ji had said that Modi has to do it. ”
He told the House, “Sharad Pawar, Congress and every government have advocated for agricultural reforms. There is no lag behind. I am surprised to have taken Utern suddenly. You would have surrounded this government on the issues of the movement, but at the same time, the farmers would have said that if the change is very important, the country would move forward. ”

Special features of PM’s vote of thanks:

  • PM said, help is directly reaching the farmer’s account through the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. There are 10 crore farmer families who got its benefits. If politics did not come in the way of Bengal, this figure would have been more than that. So far, 1.15 lakh crore rupees have been sent to the farmer’s account.
  • PM said, milk production is not tied in any bond. Both private or co-operatives are working together in the milk sector. Why should not the small and marginal farmers who produce freedom, grains and pulses like livestock be given?
  • The PM said, was the small farmer in the thinking of the earlier governments? When we do elections, we do a program called debt waiver, it is a program of vote or this citizen of indebtedness knows very well. But when the debt waiver is done, the small farmer is deprived of it, nothing comes to his luck. Earlier, crop insurance scheme was also not available to small farmers. For urea too, small farmers had to stand in line overnight, and poles were used on it.
  • The PM said, after 2014 we made some changes, we increased the scope of the crop insurance scheme so that the farmer and small farmer can also take advantage of it. In the last 4-5 years, claims worth Rs 90 thousand crore have been given to farmers under the crop insurance scheme.
  • PM said, for the first time we imagined Kisan Rail. The small farmer whose goods were not sold, today the small farmer of the village started selling his goods through the rail market in Mumbai market, this small farmer is benefiting. Through ‘Kisan Udaan’, how many good things of our North East which could not benefit the farmer due to lack of transport system, are getting the benefit of Kisan Udaan scheme.
  • The PM said, some people are constantly trying to make India unstable, turbulent, we have to know these people. Let us not forget that when partition took place, Punjab suffered the most, when the 1984 riots caused the maximum tears to flow to Punjab.

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