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Highschool Pass Elder Has Invented Water Cycle And Much More

water cycle

Seeing the flood of Bihar made a water cycle

Saidullah says that was about 45 years ago. In 1975, Bihar was flooded. It lasted for three weeks. They used a boat and a bicycle in the city to cross the river. Then he got the idea in his mind that why should he not make such a bicycle, which runs comfortably on land as well as water. He developed it. Using this bicycle, he crossed the Ganges from Pahalghat to Mahendrughat. He spent six thousand rupees on this. He built the bicycle in just three days. It had a rectangular air float, which helps the bicycle to float. It was in two pairs — the front and rear wheels. The float could also be folded to run the bicycle on the ground. During the flood, he helped many people with the help of this bicycle. Pushed them to the floor. The name of this bicycle was on the child’s tongue. Over time, Mohammad Saidullah made some changes to reduce its cost. Said Saidullah, now he can make it even for only three thousand rupees.

water cycle

The village was sold due to the passion of inventors 40 acres of land

Mohammad Saidullah points out that the investigator’s mind thinks of invention all the time. The passion of the inventors was so great that Saidullah sold his 40 acres for it. He also invented a water cycle, a key table fan, a forage cutting machine mini water pump, a mini tractor. All his inventions were such that made the life of common man easier. He clearly states that he drew inspiration from all his inventions from the common man’s life.

Names of inventions in the name of wife

Mohammad Saidullah married Nur Jahan in 1960. they have three children. Two daughters and a son. He himself is 60 years old. The self-respecting code is filled with them. He loves his wife so much that he has named every of his inventions after him. Such as Noor Mini Water Pump, Noor Cycle, Noor Rahat, Noor Electric Power House, Noor Water Pump etc. Saidullah misses his wife very much. He says that the desire to name an invention in his name also works for him. Keeping them in mind makes it easier for them to work.

Saidullah lives with his daughters in Mathia Dih village

Mohammad Saidullah says that he grew up in Jatwa-Geneva, a small village in East Champaran in Motihari district of Bihar. His father Sheikh Idris was a farmer. During the independence of the country, his father was serving the country by staying in the Congress Party. According to Saidullah, he studied from Gajpura to the tenth. But some could not read further due to personal reasons. Currently, he lives with his daughters in Mathia Deh village in East Champaran. Saidullah also does not like to have a mobile phone with him. He says that he does not like any kind of hindrance during work and mobile phone is like a hindrance. A young man from the village keeps his mobile phone with him. If anyone needs to talk to Saidullah, then that young man only talks on the phone.

Those who earn by punching a bicycle, Apply to make new

The speed at which Saidullah thinks of inventions, at the same speed, he also puts a bicycle puncture. Mohammad Saidullah is currently living in the village on rent of one thousand rupees. Saidullah uses the money he earns from applying puncture to make something new. His daughters also know and understand his passion, and support him in this way. Have daughters, but care like a mother. Their food and drink do everything very diligently. New innovators are being supported by the government. Saidullah also considers this matter. He says that people can help those who make them by using new things. The amount received from it can speed up their exploration work.

Bhopal reached by bicycle

Saidullah measures long distances on a bicycle. He says that shortly before he reached Bhopal from Champaran on a bicycle. There he went to his relatives. He also has a desire to see the Himalayan kingdom. But he also wants to measure the distance of these states by bicycle. Mohammed Saidullah, who loves his explorations, wants to create something new till the last moment.

We salutes the spirit of Mohammad Saidullah.

Note- Saidullah’s village is in the grip of severe floods at this time, so we could not take too many pictures of him. If you want to help them in any way, you can contact Mohammad Saidullah at 8002125218.

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