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Heavy damage to Rabi crops due to unseasonal rains

Lakhni, The weather in Tehsil has been bad for the last three days. There was strong rain with thunder on the evening of Sunday 9 January. Due to this rain, farmers have expressed apprehension of loss due to outbreak of diseases and pests on the crops of lac, lakhori, gram and vegetables. At the same time, due to the fall in temperature, the patients of cold, cough have also increased. In such weather, the elderly are taking the help of bonfire.

Lakhani tehsil has been created by bifurcating Sakoli and Lakhandur tehsils. Whose geographical area is 28 thousand 555 hectares, the sown area is 24 thousand 960. Out of this, Kharif crop is sown in 22 thousand 631 hectare area and Rabi crop is sown in 6 thousand 747 hectare area. Sowing of cereals, pulses, spice crops is done.

Wheat 1 thousand 14 hectares, maize 74 hectares, pulses gram 1 thousand 262 hectares, lac lakhori 1 thousand 330 thousand hectares, urad 548 hectares, mung 520 hectares, batana 181 hectares, popat 190 hectares, lentils 46 hectares, oilseeds kardai 25 hectares, groundnut 35 hectares, coriander 97 hectares in spice crops, chillies 47 hectares, onions 6.5 hectares, vegetables 646 hectares, papaya 2 hectares, sonbree 201 hectares, fodder 187 hectares. Sowing done.

For the last three days, there was a bad weather in the tehsil, on the evening of Sunday, January 9, it rained with strong wind and thunderstorms. After the fall in the temperature, due to the increasing cold, the patients of cold, cough have also increased.

Farmers take advice from Agriculture Department – Agriculture Officer Jambhulkar

Agriculture Officer of Lakhani Pans M.K. Jambhulkar said that due to inclement weather and unseasonal rains, there is a possibility of outbreak of diseases and pests on some pulse crops, spice crops and vegetable crops. Farmers should spray the crops after taking advice from the Agriculture Department.

Fear of damage to crops- Farmer Chunilal Wasnik

Chunilal Wasnik, a progressive farmer of Vihirgaon, told that I have five hectares of cultivation. Crops of lac, lakhori, gram, chilli and vegetables were planted in Rabi season 2021_22. Due to inclement weather and rain, the possibility of damage due to diseases and pests has increased.

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