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Grandmother kidnapped grandson for ransom, High Court refuses to quash FIR

Nagpur. Grandmother and grandmother’s sister kidnap 4-year-old grandson together for ransom. Even as it was a family matter, Dadi Monica Lunia and Mahendra Watankar filed a petition for quashing the FIR in the High Court, finally after compromising. After a long hearing on this, Justice VM Deshpande and Justice GA Sanap refused to quash the FIR, denying the agreement. It is noteworthy that the wife of Jaswantraj Lunia died on 29 May 2010.

After this he married Monica in Ahmednagar. Monica and her sister started living near Jaswantraj. Jaswant’s son Mukesh had a 4-year-old son. Being rich in wealth, Monica and her sister conspired to kidnap the grandson. On behalf of the petitioner Sapna Jadhav and Assistant Public Prosecutor Sanjay Doifode argued on behalf of the government.

ransom demanded of 5 crores

According to the prosecution, on February 10, 2021, Monica contacted her sister and took the location of the child. Some other people were also being taken along in the kidnapping. It was decided to carry out the incident later as the partner was not there that day. According to the conspiracy, on February 16, Monika’s sister and other companions reached Amravati from Ahmedabad. Monica took the child to the garden from where she was kidnapped and taken to Ahmedabad.

A ransom of 5 crores was demanded from the father for leaving the child. The child was also threatened with death if the money was not paid. On getting information about the kidnapping, a case was registered in the police station. After this, 2 co-accused brought the child to Kalyan. These accused were arrested while coming to Kalyan. Simultaneously the child was released.

family settlement

During the hearing, the counsel appearing for the petitioner told the court that the petitioner, Monika, has been made an accused only on the basis of suspicion. Since being the sister of accused number 2 Monica in the case, she has also been made an accused due to the possibility of being involved in the case. In contrast, Monika’s husband Jaswantraj Lunia, the child’s father Mukesh and mother Shraddha filed affidavits in support of the petitioner. Even a settlement has been reached between the complainant and the petitioner, requesting for an order to quash the FIR lodged with the police. After the hearing, the court refused to quash the FIR, calling it a serious matter.

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