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Former us president barack obama targated donald trump


Barack Obama warns, ‘Donald Trump is not right for the presidency’

new Delhi. Nowadays, the politics of the Presidential election is hot in America. Let us tell you that the date of the US presidential election is 3 November. Donald Trump often tightens the strings. This time former President Barack Obama paid off all the accounts. He gave a statement about Trump and said, “Trump is not fit to sit in the Oval Office.” He mixed the credit of America into the soil. ‘ Obama made this remark in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) from the Museum of Americans Revolution.

Former US President Barack Obama warned that the country’s democracy is at stake because President Donald Trump is not right for the presidency. Urging voters to accept former US Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee, Obama said, “I am also asking you to believe in your ability as citizens.” We have to fulfill our responsibility and ensure that the basic principles of our democracy continue. Because what is at stake right now is our democracy. ”

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He went on to say that he continued, “I hoped Donald Trump could show some interest in working seriously, he could feel the responsibility of office but he never did. He has never taken any work seriously. Also there was no interest in using the amazing powers of his office to help someone. ” Significantly, the Democratic Party of America chose Kamala Harris as its candidate, where the entire world is happy with this decision of the Democratic Party.

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Actually, Kamala Harris is the first black woman from the US, who is in the election of Vice President of America. She will now be an ally of Biden, the presidential candidate. Along with this, Kamala Harris is also the first Asian-American woman to get a vice-presidential ticket. Joe Biden wrote on his official Twitter handle, ‘I am proud to say that I have chosen Kamala Harris as my Vice Presidential candidate.’ Biden described Kamala as a brave warrior and one of America’s best bureaucrats. He said in the next tweet, ‘I have seen him working while Kamala Harris was the Attorney General of California.



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