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First VVIP aircraft ‘Air India One’ for President and Prime Minister

The first of the two VVIP ‘Air India One’ aircraft for the President and Prime Minister of India landed at Delhi International Airport at around 3 pm on Thursday. Its name is B-777. According to the report of the news agency ANI, government sources say that it is a special extra section flight aircraft. In early August, a team of senior Air India officials, security officers and senior government officials left for the US to take delivery of the VVIP aircraft Air India One.

According to sources, the VVIP aircraft B-777 is a replacement for the wide body aircraft Boeing B-747 jumbo aircraft, whose call sign is ‘Air India One’. Air India is equipped with one advanced and secured communication system. Due to this, audio and video communication functions can also be used in the sky, without worrying about hacking or tapping. The interior design of this aircraft is quite attractive, which Boeing has recently modified. Apart from this, other customizations have also been done.

Sources say that the VVIP aircraft B-777 has a large cabin, mini-medical setup. There is also room for press. Rear seats are in the economy class category, while all the rest are business class seats. The B-777 aircraft can fly continuously for more than 17 hours. The B-777 also has advanced defense systems.

#WATCH: VVIP aircraft Air India One that will be used for President, Vice President & PM arrives at Delhi International Airport from US.

It is equipped with advance communication system which allows availing audio & video communication function at mid-air without being hacked. pic.twitter.com/4MtXHi8F9O

– ANI (@ANI) October 1, 2020

First Air India will receive, later IAF will be assigned

Air India will receive VVIP aircraft B-777, later it will be handed over to the Indian Air Force (IAF). After that a new aircraft will be deregistered and fresh registration will be brought to standard operating procedures as the VVIP aircraft will be operated under the Indian Air Force. Air India pilots will be part of the aircraft operating team until the Indian Air Force pilots become experts in handling it. Air India Engineering Services Limited will be responsible for maintenance of the aircraft.

Government postpones the sale of Air India. Reduces Debt to lure Buyers

Source: www.financialexpress.com

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