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Failed, learned from experience, today, by creating an empire of success


It is true that failure is the first step to success. If instead of giving up on failure, learn and move forward, then nothing can stop you from being successful. Our story today is that of a young entrepreneur who has shown this statement in a meaningful way. To scratch, Who wrote a unique story by perseverance and hard work, defeating failure and establishing an empire of success.

Born in a business house, Jahan inherited the tricks of the business. His father owned a cable business. After the arrival of DTH, his father started a cable business connected to it, Jahan observed this change very closely. After completing BCom, Jahan was advised to visit a trade exhibition to be held in South Africa, which could help him generate an additional source of income. During his visit to South Africa, he got acquainted with a dish called shawarma (a meat-filled rap or roll) at a restaurant in Doha.

He liked this dish very much and decided to bring it to India. After day and night research on product demand and various aspects, he finally opened his first outlet in Delhi and named it ‘Roti Aur Botti’. However, unfortunately, the project failed but he did not give up. He had confidence in his idea and knew very well that time does not always remain the same, he changes. Without losing any time, he once again mustered up the courage and prepared to open another restaurant in a different place. His hard work paid off and the brand soon became popular. This success reinforced his dream, and he never looked back. Today Jahan is successfully operating a total of 12 different ‘Roti Aur Botti’ outlets across India and Hong Kong.

In an interview with Jahan, “Everything was great, until I realized that there are a lot of expenses associated with various outlets, so more people could be added to the revenue share model to get more investment.” is.”

He started researching this model and after heavy brainstorming and travelling to different countries, he finally launched his brand ‘The Rolling Plate’. Under its banner, he sells franchises of various restaurants to investors. The most important thing is that people who buy franchisees do not have to pay any extra for any other things. Everything from cloud kitchen operations to restaurant rent, employee salaries, electricity expenses, is managed by ‘The Rolling Plate’. Under this, people can earn well without any trouble.

In the current era where everything is happening online, this business model can prove to be extremely beneficial. One advantage of this business model is that anyone from any part of the world can buy a restaurant franchise in their area. Each franchise owner is given a mobile application that allows them to easily track sales, investments they make, and revenue. Rolling Plate also has customers in countries such as the US and Canada.

Especially in the difficult times of COVID 19 when people are losing jobs due to heavy economic decline, in such a situation they can start a new beginning by joining models like rolling plate.

Jahan explains that the best thing I have learned in my life is that no matter how many times you fall, you have to get up every time. Every failure takes you one step closer to success. His journey proves that life can take you anywhere, just depends on your perseverance and thinking.

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