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EPFO delivers uninterrupted services during ‘COVID-19’ epidemic

The Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance (UMANG) was very influential and popular among the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) members during the Covid-19 epidemic as they continued to receive uninterrupted services from home.

Currently any PF member ‘Umang’ One can get 16 different EPFO ​​services on his mobile phone using the app. To get these services, it is necessary to have an active UAN (Universal Account Number) and a mobile number registered with the EPFO. EPFO’s member-centric services on Umang App were widely used by its members during the Covid-19 epidemic.

On Umang App, any member can file his / her claim (Claim), keep a close watch on it and know the latest status of their Claim. A total of 11.27 lakh claims were filed or submitted through the Umang App from April to July 2020. This is 180 per cent more than the period before Covid-19 from December 2019 to March 2020 as only 3.97 lakh claims were submitted through the app during this period. Members of Umang App did not face any difficulty in getting the services of EPFO ​​despite the ban on movement anywhere during the Covid-19 epidemic. Actually, this facility significantly reduced the need to visit the EPFO ​​office.

The most popular service that members have used extensively through the Umang app is ‘View member passbook’ is. During the period from August 2019 to July 2020, the service received 27.55 crore viewership from EPF members through EPFO ​​member portal, while via Umang App ‘View member passbook’ The same facility got 244.77 crore API hits. Due to the ease of getting related service on clicking a button on this mobile app, relatively more members preferred Umang app instead of the portal.

In order to ensure its services to its 66 lakh pensioners sitting at home safely, EPFO ‘View pensioner passbook’ On the Asus app with convenience ‘Life certificate’ Has also given the facility to update. Both these services are widely used by the existing pensioners. During the Covid-19 epidemic period from April to July 2020 ‘View, pensioner passbook’ Received 18.52 lakh API hits, while the updated Jeevan Certificates service received 29,773 API hits.

Other important services ‘UAN Activation’ Received 21,27,942 API hits, while EKYC services received 13,21,07,910 API hits on the Umang app during the April – July 2020 period.

With the increasing number of smartphone owners in India, EPFO ​​has been able to provide its services to its members through mobile governance which has helped to bridge the digital divide. This has helped the EPFO ​​overcome the challenge posed by the Covid-19 ban in providing social security services to its stakeholders, especially when it is needed. Along with this ‘Umang’ But EPFO ​​has become the largest organization which has more than 90 percent presence on the app.

(Courtesy: PIB_Delhi)

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