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Due to the inability to walk, people used to make fun of them, today the whole nation salutes their achievement


Raised in an ordinary family in Rohtak, Haryana, this man spent most of his childhood in bed due to a joint infection caused by acute arthritis. The disease made him so weak that his bones were fractured with even minor injuries. His mother firmly believed that he would walk on his feet someday. Mother’s prayers and efforts with indomitable will helped her defeat acute arthritis.

Same person today Sangram Singh As a skilled wrestler who has won titles and awards such as the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship, and was also personally honored by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his outstanding success in the field of wrestling.

Sangram Singh spent his childhood in Rohtak, Haryana, where arena culture was the most liked item among the youth. When Sangram first saw wrestling, he saw wrestlers getting food to eat and milk to drink. His financially unstable family background attracted him to wrestling, and at the same time benefited from the healthy diet the wrestlers were getting.

Talking about his initial inspiration in a special conversation with Sangram said, “I remember when I approached the coach to inquire about the process of enrolling in wrestling, he made fun of me laughing and said that First of all, show off by standing on your feet. This one sentence shook them deep inside. ”

The more times people made fun of his physical disability, the greater his motivation became. His determination and the various ayurvedic practices used by his mother finally put Sangram on his feet. Encouraged by his newfound physical strength, Sangram soon joined a local wrestling training center (arena). This was just the beginning, but the journey was not going to be easy. Sangram devoted his life to wrestling and began training round the clock.

Sangram’s persistent efforts developed him into a professional wrestler and demonstrated his feat from local to national, and national to international.

Remembering those days, Sangram says – “I remember when I used to wrestle for 50 rupees just to satisfy my hunger.” I had no other option left.

Despite all the challenges, Sangram continued to struggle to establish himself as a professional wrestler. He won several titles in the 96 kg and 120 kg heavyweight category, representing Delhi Police and India. Due to his popularity as a wrestler, he also got many opportunities in the Indian entertainment industry and also appeared in many TV shows, some movies and radio shows.

Despite achieving so much success and fame, Sangram has set another rare example by staying connected to its roots. He attributes all his success to those who helped him to move forward in adversity. Sangram’s determined to return what society gave them.

Sangram spends most of his time in his hometown, where he is providing training to about 300 youth. Maybe, someday, one of his students gets Olympic gold for India, something that he himself could not do despite many efforts.

Sangram’s journey is a strong example that communicates hope in the common people to achieve the destination, defeating all obstacles.

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