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‘Dhanvantari Rath’ makes Ayurveda accessible to Delhi Police families

‘Dhanvantari Rath’ makes Ayurveda accessible to Delhi Police families


An MoU was signed today between the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) and the Delhi Police to expand Ayurveda’s resistant and encouraging health services to Delhi Police’s residential colonies. These services ‘Dhanvantari Chariot’ The names will be provided through mobile unit and Police Welfare Center and are to be completed by AIIA, supported by Ministry of AYUSH.

MoU signed between AIIA and Delhi Police (Photo courtesy: Twitter / CPDelhi)

Delhi Police Commissioner, S.K. N. The MoU signed between Srivastava and Pramod Kumar Pathak, Additional Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, was exchanged. AIIA Director Prof. The Dhanvantari Chariot was dispatched in the presence of Tanuja Nesari.

Aayuraksha is a joint venture between AIIA and Delhi Police, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of AYUSH, which aims to maintain the health of frontline COVID-19 warriors like Delhi Police through Ayurveda immune boosting measures. In order to maintain the continuity of the project, Ayurveda is now planned to extend the resistant and encouraging health care service to the families of Delhi Police personnel.

On the occasion, Pathak said that the joint venture of AIIA and Delhi Police is the largest ever and a very successful and useful role model for others. He praised the efforts of the frontline warriors of the Delhi Police. After distributing the safety kit among about 80,000 policemen in 2 months, the incidence and death rate of COVID-19 in Delhi Police personnel has been recorded significantly. Now these services are also being made available to the families of Delhi Police.

Dhanvantari Rath and Police Welfare Centers will access the OPD services of AIIA and are aimed at benefiting Delhi Police families through Ayurveda Resistant Health Care Services. Dhanvantari Rath- The mobile unit of Ayurveda health care services will comprise a team of physicians who will regularly visit Delhi Police colonies. Through these Ayurveda health care services, the prevalence of various diseases is likely to decrease and the number of patients referred to hospitals will be reduced, which will reduce costs for the health care system as well as patients.

Pro. Tanuja Nesari said that periodically tested and scientifically proven, antifungal Ayurveda medicines have helped in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 among Delhi Policemen.

He said that Ayurveda emphasizes on equal importance for curative health care as well as prevention and advanced health care services.

Pro. Tanuja further said that in the services of Police Welfare Centers, more and more efforts will be made to improve the lifestyle by adopting Ayurveda lifestyle, such as adopting Dinacharya and Ritucharya practices.

In his address, the Delhi Police Commissioner appreciated the efforts being made by the Ministry of AYUSH and AIIA in promoting health of Delhi Police. He also appreciated that the joint venture between Delhi Police and AIIA is very successful.

(Courtesy: PIB_Delhi)