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Despite the epidemic, Bhopal’s personal care brand earned Rs 20 lakh


Bhopal-based startup Mystic Earth produces natural personal care products, which are linked to herbs, flowers, metals, minerals and soil essences.

Gaurav Tiwari, co-founder of Mystic Earth

Indian grandmothers depended on home remedies and kitchen gardens to care for their skin before Western products manufactured in a lab and filled with chemicals arrived in our homes. However, after years of relying on chemical products, we have slowly started to evaluate my grandmother’s skin care lessons.

A RedSeer report states that the Indian beauty and personal care market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9 percent between 2017 and 2020 and is expected to reach $ 23 billion by 2022. Of this, about 17 percent will come from natural and organic products.

Bhopal-based Mystic Earth is understanding this huge opportunity. The natural skin, body and haircare brand has taken help from the tribal lands of Madhya Pradesh – Satpura, Vindhya and Mahadev to capture the essence of herbs, flowers, metals, minerals and soil.

Founded by mother-son duo Manjula and Gaurav Tiwari in 2018, Mystic Earth offers natural personal care products. Since February 2020 the startup has been selling products on its website.

Close to nature

“This startup was a long-cherished dream,” says Gaurav. Growing up around Maheshwar, Sanchi and the central plateau of India, Gaurav was always fascinated by the art, culture and local tribes of Central India.

His interest in natural materials was noticed by his mother and grandmother, Damayanti Tiwari. Gaurav remembers,

“I remember decoction (herbal decoction), basil swarasa and other home remedies in the form of powder and paste prepared by my grandmother.”

Inspired by tribal traditions, Gaurav founded Mystic Earth with his mother. He says, “The brand is inspired by natural flora, fauna and mineral reserves.”

Gaurav is a Computer Science Engineer by profession and completed his M.Tech in 2014 from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University in Bhopal. He then worked as a business analyst at Deloitte, after which Gaurav joined his family business, Mansarovar Group of Institutions, which included a dental, Ayurvedic, nursing and paramedical college, a CBSE accredited school and a University is involved. Gaurav, along with his father KK Tiwari, founded the Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine in 2017 and offered a Bachelor of Medical Sciences course under the Central Council of Indian Medicine. Finally, he followed his passion for Ayurveda and founded Mystic Earth in 2018.

Currently, the team consists of 10 employees of botanists, formulators and doctors.

Mystic Earth Silk Serum Lotion
Mystic Earth Silk Serum Lotion

Personal care business

Mystic Earth operates through six departments – Research and Development (R&D), Design, Marketing and PR, Sales, Fulfillment Centers and Logistics.

Gaurav says that the R&D department is the most important and costly part of the creation of Mystic Earth. Once the product is developed, the startup has an in-house dedicated design cell to apply the inspiration and theme of the brand in its primary and secondary packaging, posters, banners, corrugated boxes and even adhesive tape.

The marketing and PR team ensures that the products are placed in the right market and targeted to potential customers. On the other hand, the sales team manages the demands and complaints. Mystic Earth has a Fulfillment Center in Bhopal and this is where packaging and delivery are taken care of. The startup has tied up with third-party service providers for logistics support.

Says Gaurav

“Initially during the lockdown we faced challenges in terms of maintaining the supply chain, raw material procurement and distribution. However, we managed to overcome it through planning, patience and observance. ”

The figures

Mystic Earth is targeting customers 18 years and older. The bootstrapped startup currently offers products under three broad segments – skincare, body care and hair care. Prices of Mystic Earth products start from Rs 549.

Mystic Earth’s products are currently available through its website and Amazon. The brand acquired its first set of customers following the website’s launch in February this year. The startup was able to register up to 80 percent growth since March, despite the ban caused by the epidemic.

In the first quarter itself, Mystic Earth has reported a gross revenue of Rs 20 lakhs. Gaurav says, “It has increased now and we are expecting to cross Rs 1 crore revenue by FY 2020-21.”

The month-on-month average growth in revenue is about 7.5 percent.

Market and future

A report by Statista states that revenue in the natural cosmetics segment is $ 803.8 million in 2020. Other players working in this segment include Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essential, SOVA, Mamareth and Jusi Chemistry.

However, Gaurav believes that his startup has a unique USP. They say

“It took us and our team almost two years to get a grip on natural products, with a practical shelf life and an attractive visual identity. Our deep research and development process sets us apart. “

Going forward, Mystic Earth plans to expand its product line and add more products to its portfolio.

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