Staggered lunch breaks 50 PERCENT occupancy DDMA issues new guidelines for reopening of schools AND colleges in Delhi

Delhi School-College Reopening: Guidelines issued for opening school-college, approval to open in a phased manner from September 1

No child will be compelled to appear in the class and they will be allowed to appear in the online classes. (File Photo)

Schools will open in the capital Delhi from September 1 next month. Today on August 30, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has issued guidelines regarding this. DDMA has asked all the schools in the capital Delhi to prepare the time table according to the occupancy limit of classes and protocols related to COVID. Only 50 percent of the children will be allowed to stay inside the class and lunch break will not be given together. DDMA has advised all schools to have lunch breaks in open spaces to avoid overcrowding.

The Disaster Management Authority had earlier constituted a committee of experts to decide how to reopen schools. The panel had recommended opening of schools in a phased manner. First, it was proposed to open classes for the students of higher classes and then middle classes. Lastly, it was recommended to open classes for the children of the primary section.

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Students and teachers of Containment Zone will not be able to come

Schools and colleges are reopening in Delhi from September 1 next month, but classes from 9th to 12th will open on September 1. However, students and teachers living in the Containment Zone will not be allowed to come to schools and colleges. Apart from this, educational institutions will have to set up an emergency quarantine room and routine guest visits will not be allowed.

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