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Dalal Street this Week: Some important factors that will decide the condition and direction of the market this week

In the week ending October 1, the market’s five-week rally was halted. In the absence of any new trigger in the domestic market, Dalal Street showed bearish dominance. Global cues like rise in oil prices, rise in US bond yields and rising concerns over China’s economy weighed on the market sentiments. But strong core sector data and a strong manufacturing PMI in September prevented the market from falling too much.

Last week, Banking & Financial, FMCG, Capital Goods and Technology stocks put pressure on the market. But oil & gas, power, metal and auto stocks supported the market.

Market players say that the consolidation in the market is likely to continue in the coming week. Market watch will be on RBI’s commentary on the economy and global factors like oil prices, US bond yields, US employment data. Samco Security It is said that this week is going to be very action packed. The eyes of the market giants will remain on the RBI monetary policy. Apart from this, the market will also be watching the meeting of OPEC this week. Market participants should be prepared for huge volatility in crude prices.

Some important events that the market will keep an eye on

It is worth noting that the monetary policy meeting of RBI will be held from 6 to 8 October. It is expected that RBI will not make any changes in the interest rates. And will also maintain his attitude towards ecomodernism. But the market’s eye will remain on RBI’s commentary on rising oil prices, inflation, growth and the global situation.

Crude oil and OPEC meeting

Crude oil and OPEC meat will also remain the market leader. This meeting is to be held this week. Significantly, as the concerns of COVID around the world subside and along with the increase in activities like industrial, tour and travel, oil prices have reached almost 3-year high. This is a matter of great concern for a country like India. A decision on the total production for the month of November will be taken in the meeting of OPEC to be held this week. The market will keep an eye on it. Apart from this, the market will also keep an eye on the position of rupee against the dollar and FII flow.

This week the market services PMI and market composite PMI figures for the month of September are also going to come. The market will keep an eye on these figures coming on Tuesday. The second quarter results will also start this week. On Friday, the country’s largest IT company Tata Consultancy will release its results. However, these results will come after the market closes on Friday. But before the results, some action can be seen on the market.

Some corporate action will also be seen this week. For example, this week Affl India Rs 10 face value shares will be divided into Rs 2 face value shares. The shares of Tirupati Forge Limited with a face value of Rs 10 will also be divided into shares of Rs 2 face value. Tirupati Forge Limited may also declare bonus shares in the ratio of 4 shares to 3 shares.

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