Covid-19: Warning to the government of COVID Group – be ready for 4-5 lakh cases per day in the next wave

The government has been asked to be prepared for the level of 4-5 lakh cases per day in the next wave.

Covid-19 India Update: A group of officials empowered to formulate a strategy to deal with the country’s epidemic said that all necessary steps should be taken to keep the number of new corona virus cases in the country below 50 thousand. Along with this, the government has been asked to be prepared for the level of 4-5 lakh cases per day in the next wave. With vaccination increasing, the government has maintained that the epidemic level should be kept at a maximum of 50 thousand cases per day, with non-clinical measures like covid appropriate behavior to be followed.

Cases below 50 thousand from June 25

This includes maintaining social distancing and imposing restrictions by making a strategy. The number of cases of COVID-19 in India has been consistently below 50 thousand since June 25. 39,097 cases were reported on Saturday. According to experts, the level of 50 thousand does not put much burden on the health system. However, Empowered Group 1 headed by NITI Aayog member VK Paul said that to deal with 4-5 lakh cases daily, 2 lakh ICU beds are needed.

With this, the COVID Group is preparing 50 lakh oxygen beds, 10 lakh corona isolation care beds by September 2021. The current number of beds can also handle only 2.7 lakh cases per day.

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The group has reserved 5 percent ICU beds and 4 percent ICU beds for pediatric care. This has been done in view of these speculations, in which it is being said that the next wave of corona can also target children. Officials said that 4-5 lakh cases in a day means 300-370 cases per 10 lakh people, which can put a lot of burden and stress on the country. This can happen even if the health system is prepared. Therefore, the group has asked to keep the number of COVID-19 cases per day at the level of 50 thousand. He has made it clear that the number of cases should not go beyond this.

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