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Coronavirus Vaccine to be Launched in China from July 22 – Report


Coronavirus vaccine is being installed in China from 22 July. Last month, China officially granted emergency use of the COVID 19 vaccine. However, all the vaccine candidates are still in a phase-3 human trial. Some of the people who have been given the dose of the vaccine have revealed that they have seen some adverse effects and none of them has reported fever. Quoting a National Health Commission official of China, the official newspaper Global Times has given this information.

Let me tell you, Sinofarm, a domestic vaccine manufacturer for immediate use, has signed cooperation agreements on Thursday and Friday for the third phase of clinical trials of vaccines in Peru, Morocco and Argentina.

Who is getting the Coronavirus vaccine in China?

Employees and health workers of government companies (SOEs) are being given the option of the vaccine developed by Sinopharma for immediate use. In addition, the other major Chinese coronavirus vaccine candidates are Synovac and Cancino.

Zheng Zhongwei, head of China’s Corona Virus Vaccine Development Task Force, said the availability of vaccines would be ensured to those working in the food market, transport system and service sector to prevent further outbreaks of the epidemic in these winter seasons. Zhongwei said, “We have made many plan packages which include medical consent form, side effects of monitoring scheme, rescue plan, the compensation plan. Their purpose is to ensure that emergency usage is well regulated and monitored.

According to the Global Times report, a Chinese tourism company has said that inspectors and other staff who visit the airport often should be given the free vaccine at the airport terminal.

Indian Railways generated 6.40 lakh man-days during the Corona period

Vaccination of BRI personnel

According to China’s Vaccine Management Law, testing vaccines can be allowed to be used in an emergency. Zheng Zhongwei told state-run China Central TV that according to the law, the vaccine can be used on medical and epidemic prevention workers, border officials and people handling the city.

Shanghai immunologist Tao Lina said that the number of people vaccinated on an urgent basis across China could be in the millions. He said, “But it is difficult to give accurate figures because the Chinese Army has started mass vaccination but has not given details.” Those who are associated with Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of Asia and African countries have also been given vaccine doses.

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