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COVID-19: Corona’s highest effect in Delhi in people 5-17 years, revealed in Serological survey

Serological Survey, Delhi/COVID-19

The results of a survey on the Coronavirus epidemic in Delhi are shocking. In the second serological survey conducted in Delhi this month, it has been found that most cases of novel coronavirus between the ages of 5 and 17 years are being seen. 34.7 percent of people aged 5–17 years had antibodies to COVID-19. It was found in 31.2 percent of people over 50 years of age. Please tell that earlier it was being said that there is a greater risk of COVID-19 among the older people. According to the survey, antibodies to COVID-19 were found in 28.5 percent of 18-49-year-olds.

According to the news agency, the head of the Delhi Government Committee, Dr. Mahesh Verma says that it is difficult to keep children and youth at home. Even if they are not going to school, they can go out to play. Or they can come into contact with these direct routes. He says that at present, extensive study is needed. He says that it is very complicated to understand how the coronavirus is spreading. I know a family who did not get out of the house, but their members still got corona infection.

School closed yet children infected

Survey of CERO has found that 29.1 percent people in the national capital have developed anti-bodies against corona virus infection. Earlier survey found that 22 percent of people have developed anti-bodies. Now the survey in August shows that this figure has increased to 29.1 percent. However, after the results of the survey, questions are arising as to why the school has closed and still the cases have increased in the young people.

The survey conducted on 15000 volunteers

The survey was conducted between August 1 and August 7. More than 15,000 volunteers were tested for the presence of antibodies for the survey. Its result was analyzed at Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC). People of 4 age group participated in the survey. About 25 percent of them were under 18 years old, 50 percent were between 18 and 50 years old and the remaining were above 50 years of age.

Most impact in south-east

The survey was conducted in all 11 districts of Delhi. The highest prevalence of the disease was found in the South-East district, where 32.2 percent of the participants were found with antibodies. This district has made the biggest jump since last time. In the previous survey, 22.2 percent of the participants were found with antibodies here.

A third survey between 1 to 5 September

To overcome the corona, the Delhi government had decided to conduct a serological survey (sero survey) every month. Two serosurveys have been done in Delhi so far and the third will be done between 1 to 5 September. It is expected to survey about 17 thousand people. The samples for the serosurvey will be collected in all 11 districts of Delhi and all age groups. Let us know that the first serosurvey was conducted between 27 June to 10 July. In the first serosurvey, samples were taken from 21,387 people, while in the second round, 15,000 samples were collected.

What is a serological survey?

Sero surveys are conducted to monitor infection of infectious diseases. These are also called antibody surveys. In this, antibodies born in the body against any infectious disease are detected. Antibodies such as coronaviruses or SARS-CoV-2 become antibodies in patients who recover, giving the body immunity against the virus. Please tell that coronavirus already exists, but SARS-CoV-2 is the new virus of this family, so our body does not already have antibodies against it. But our body slowly makes antibodies against it.

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