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Corona on one side, fever, cold and cough on the other; increased crowd in hospital

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Mukutban, For the past few days, the number of corona patients is increasing in Jhari Jamani tehsil and the number of corona patients in the tehsil is increasing day by day. With the increase in cold, cough and fever in the last two days, along with climate change, corona patients are increasing continuously. These patients are avoiding corona testing so that quarantine and other rules do not have to be followed. Get treatment at home or consult your nearest private practitioner. The number of patients in the hospital has increased in the last two days.

The number of corona patients is increasing in the last few days. Till 13, the number of corona patients in the district has increased to 382 and in outer districts, the number of corona patients has increased to 403. 9 patients have been found in Jhari Jamni tehsil. Cold, cough and fever have spread everywhere due to climate change. The symptoms of the current corona infection are similar. Due to this, there is an atmosphere of confusion among many citizens. There has been an increase in the number of patients of the epidemic in the private hospitals of the tehsil.

It has been learned that 100 to 150 patients are coming daily for treatment in private hospitals of Adegaon. In each village, 50 to 100 patients of cold, cough and fever are being treated in private hospitals. Because the symptoms of corona are similar, many people do not take the initiative to get corona test done. If they are found infected after testing, they will have to be quarantined. That’s why many people are avoiding the test and prefer to get treated on the advice of a doctor. If a patient has fever, chills or body aches for three consecutive days, then doctors are advising him to undergo a corona test.

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Climate change has led to an increase in fever, chills and cough. Apart from this, since the symptoms of corona infection are similar, the patient is advised to undergo a corona test if these symptoms persist for three consecutive days and do not subside. Under this, further treatment is being done.

Dr. Mohan Gedam Tehsil Health Officer Zari Jamani

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