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Corona invitation giving crowd of passengers, violation of rules in all buses including ST

Nagpur. The crowd of passengers traveling by other means of transport including buses of ST Mahamandal is giving open invitation to corona infection. Far from social distancing here, most people are seen without masks. Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination but no one wants to go with safety. When these passengers were talked to, they said that the mask is in their pocket. Will put it when needed. It is useless to spend money on sanitizer. They will go home and wash their hands with soap.

At the same time, some passengers were also seen alert. They were also wearing masks and were sanitizing themselves again and again. His complaint was that ST Mahamandal has not made any arrangement this time to protect the passengers from the infection of viruses like Omicron. Neither the buses are getting sanitized nor is there any arrangement to convince the occupants. When there is a crowd, everyone joins the crowd to take their seats. Conscious travelers say that ST Mahamandal should think about this. Along with this, strong arrangements should also be made.

Arrangements were made on the second wave

Along with sanitizing the buses during the second wave, ST Mahamandal had also made special arrangements to make people aware, in which people were being motivated to sanitize themselves by wearing masks. For this, a separate budget was also made by the ST Corporation, but this time the officers of the Corporation have not taken any precise decision regarding this, due to which the passengers who follow the rules are upset. They are also forced to be part of the crowd.

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