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Corona investigation is being done sitting at home in Bhiwandi, fingers are being raised on the figures of positive patients of the Municipal Corporation

Bhiwandi : Cases of corona patients are increasing rapidly in the city of Bhiwandi powerloom. The data of corona is being told only to the patients who come positive from the antigen test and RTPCR test by the Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation. Despite this, majority of the people in the city are getting treatment from doctors after they are found positive by easily testing corona with testing kit sitting at home.

The Municipal Administration does not have any data on the investigation being done with the testing kit. According to the conscious citizens of the city, every second-third person in Bhiwandi city is corona infected. Private hospitals in the city are filled with patients suffering from infectious diseases. Most of the people in the city are wandering here and there in violation of the Corona protocol. On which the municipal administration has no control.

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It is worth noting that the global epidemic corona spread is increasing rapidly in the whole country. The fear of a third wave of corona is being expressed in the state. Even in the power loom city of Bhiwandi, a bomb of corona infected patients is exploding, despite the majority of people violating the corona protocol and feasting on corona infection. Despite the repeated appeals and strictness of the municipal administration, the concern of the administration is increasing due to the continuous increase in the graph of Corona. According to health department sources, so far in the month of January, 4303 people have been corona tested by the Municipal Health Department team. In which 680 people have been found corona infected. According to the municipal data, about 15 to 20% of the people in Bhiwandi are in the grip of corona disease and are forced to undergo treatment.

Corona test while sitting at home

Fingers are being raised on the data of corona investigation being done by the Municipal Corporation in Bhiwandi city. If medical sources are to be believed, most people ignore the free corona testing started at IGM Hospital in case of cold, cough, cold, fever and buy a testing kit named Kovi Self, Kovi Find from the medical store like antigen test while sitting at home. are being On being found corona positive in the test done with the kit at home, the doctors are getting the benefit of treatment easily from the comfort of their homes. The astonishing fact is that the Municipal Administration does not have any data of patients coming positive after examining the corona from the test kit sitting at home.

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Rapid increase in the number of corona patients in the city

Conscious citizens say that about 200-300 people are tested daily in the Corona Testing Center run by the Municipal Administration. Regardless, if the medical practitioners are to be believed, about 1000 people buy corona testing kits every day from more than 600 medical stores in Bhiwandi and take them to their homes and are getting tested and treated while sitting at home. In Bhiwandi, people are buying and bringing testing kits from Kalyan, Thane etc. The corona test kit Kovi Self and Kovi Find is easily available at the medical store for around Rs 250, which is recognized by the Indian Council of Medical Research. It is very worrying that the number of corona patients is increasing rapidly in the city. Despite this, the Municipal Corporation does not have any accurate figures.

To get the correct figure of positive patients

Conscious citizens say that the municipal administration should be instructed to keep the data of those who bought testing kits from medical stores. So that, by identifying the people who bought the kit, the correct figure of positive patients can be obtained. In the above context, Municipal Corporation Chief Medical Officer Dr Karbhari Kharat says that no guidelines related to Corona Testing Kit Kovi Self, Kovi Find have been received from the Health Department or the Government. The medical stores should keep the data of those who purchased the corona testing kit. The Municipal Health Department will definitely take appropriate steps after getting the complete information.

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