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Corona Alert: Can corona be prevented by checking body temperature?

With the opening of school and college, it is now a normal routine to check the temperature of children. Corona Alert: Can Corona be prevented by checking body temperature?

Another thing that is common among the masks, sanitizers, social distancing during the Corona epidemic is the routine of checking your temperature during penetration. It is very common in airports, restaurants, shopping store offices, schools, colleges, institutes, shops, markets and similar public places. But does measuring body temperature in this way help prevent the coronavirus? Health experts and people have a very simple question about whether they are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19? If not, what is the compulsion to do so? At the onset of this epidemic, fever came as the earliest and commonest symptom. Therefore ‘no-contact’ thermometers are used to measure body temperature because any such person can be infected with the virus. But after 7-8 months of the epidemic, it is now clear that body temperature testing is not as effective as it seems.

Infection not limited to fever
Dozens of studies have shown that a large proportion of patients suspected of COVID-19 did not have symptoms of fever, ie they were infected but had neither high fever nor dry cough. According to a research, an average of 40 to 30 percent of suspected or infected diseases coming to the hospital are asymptomatic. Another similar study found that 46 percent of travelers traveling around the world at the start of the epidemic did not confirm their infection with the virus, even though they were still infected with the COVID-19 virus. Actually, even when measuring fever in normal life, body temperature can vary at different times of the same day. Such a healthy person who has just come in the sun or climbed up some steps, his body temperature may also have increased. At the same time, the high temperature of a person who is mild or mild will not be caught by the thermometer scanner who has already taken Ibrufen medicine while they can pass the virus to another person.

Confusion over thermometer test
In this era of epidemics, many health organizations also do not agree to check the temperature with ‘no-contact’ thermometer scanners. They believe that it is not just biology and our activities that make temperature testing less effective. There is also some confusion among health organizations regarding fever in thermometer readings. Not only this, in some countries there are reports of accusations of body temperature testers, because they were not given enough training to use the equipment. Many such institutions do not have the proper equipment or the method of temperature monitoring they are using is wrong.

A similar medical community is also unable to agree on how to use a no-contact thermometer in the context of COVID-19. However a non-peer reviewed study conducted in China found that measuring from the wrist had more ‘stable’ results than measuring body temperature with the help of a scanner on the forehead. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a top American coronavirus expert, has also not described the temperature test as very effective. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention also does not give much credence to this, but despite this, for the first time since March, the restaurant has been instructed to conduct a temperature check before entering the restaurant with permission for indoor food.


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