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Complaints of weakness, restlessness and body pain after recovery from Omicron

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Mumbai: Omicron variants of Corona are being said to be the main reason behind the third wave that started from mid-December. Although most of the patients suffering from Omicron are getting cured in 3 to 4 days, but after that some people complain of weakness, restlessness, head and body pain, the doctors of the city have said. However, doctors said that it is too early to call it a post-Covid problem, as these people have recently recovered. Now it has to be seen whether these problems persist even after the next two to three weeks.

In the second wave of COVID, the Delta variants of Corona created a lot of furore. Despite being cured of the disease, many patients were complaining of post covid health problems like sleeplessness, neuro related problems, restlessness etc., which were troubling people for a long time. The doctors of the city were consulted to find out whether people suffering from Omicron would also have post covid problems.

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This problem was also seen in health workers.

The head of BMC’s Seven Hills Hospital, Dr. Balkrishna Adsul, said that in the third wave, COVID got infected and some people who have recovered are feeling tired and restless. This problem has also been seen in our health workers. Earlier, if someone was infected, he is kept in isolation for at least 10 to 14 days, but now recovery takes place in 4 to 5 days and isolation ends in 7 days. After that they return to duty, but the above problem is being seen in them. Now it has to be seen whether this problem remains for a few days or for a long time.

At present, the problem of fatigue, body pain, especially back pain is being seen in people recovering from the disease. Sometimes the problem of body pain increases to a great extent with fever, which takes some time to recover. For the time being it is too early to call it a post covid problem. We have to wait three weeks. After that it will be known that what other problem is happening in the people.

-Doctor. Tripti Gilada, Infectious Disease Specialist, Messina Hospital

Many patients affected in the third wave come to the OPD for follow up. The illness is followed by weakness, feeling tired, and headache or body pain. In such a situation, they are given multivitamins and asked to eat nutritious food so that their health improves. At present, no major post effect has been observed.

Dr. Vidya Thakur, Chief Medical Superintendent and Superintendent Rajawadi Hospital

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