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CNBC-AWAAZ EXCLUSIVE| Market may increase, but don’t expect returns like last 18 months- Sunil Singhania

Sunil Singhania of Abakkus Asset Management had an exclusive conversation with CNBC-Awaaz on the occasion of the market’s record high today. In this conversation, he gave his views about the market and which sector can be bullish ahead. Along with this, he said that the market may increase further but one should not expect returns like the last 18 months.

In the beginning of the conversation, Sunil Singhania with the best wishes for Navratri said that since last one and half years we have seen good growth in the market. Fundamentals also remain very strong and momentum has been seen building up in the market. In these days, good investments have also been seen coming in the Indian markets.

The way the optimistic trend is seen in the market, it seems that India is again moving towards GDP growth of 7.5 to 8 percent. Anyway, the market has moved very fast in the last 18 months. Good news, this momentum is visible due to the momentum in the market. Stability is visible in India at this time and the pace of growth is also fast.

Earlier only foreign investors used to earn profits

Sunil further said that the trend of foreign investors towards Indian markets has increased. Earlier, foreign investors used to take profit from our markets and indigenous investors used to miss opportunities, but in the last few months it has been seen that Indian investors have increased their share in the market strongly and were seen taking advantage of opportunities to earn profits. Huh.

Retail investors also benefit from market boom

He said that according to the way the market has gained momentum, not only the wholesale investors, this time retail investors have also done good trading and along with the bulk investors, this time the retail investors will also be able to get the benefit of the market’s boom.

It is difficult to make new investments in the market at this time.

On picking stocks for good returns in his asset management business, Singhania said it has become difficult to make fresh investments in the market at this point of time. Finding which stocks to choose from in your portfolio has never been easier in this fast-paced market. Still, I believe that at all times, picks should be chosen on the basis of good fundamentals, momentum and study in the market because Beating the market in no time is easy. The market is always supreme.


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