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Central government gives big relief on Oxygen Concentrator, will be able to ask for foreign use as gift for personal use from abroad

The Central Government has approved the purchase of Oxygen Concentrator from abroad for personal use through post, courier or e-commerce portals.

Due to the Corona crisis in many parts of the country, the demand for oxygen has increased. Due to lack of supply according to demand, the shortage of oxygen cylinders has increased. As an alternative, the demand for Oxygen Concentrators is also increasing. In view of its increasing demand, the central government has approved the supply of oxygen concentrators from abroad for personal use through post, courier or e-commerce portals. According to the notification by the Ministry of Commerce, this examination is for July 31, 2021. According to the guidelines, gifts over 1 thousand rupees attract custom duty and an integrated GST of 28 percent. The oxygen concentrator is a medical device that can be used exclusively for patients present in home isolation and in hospitals facing oxygen deficiency.

Oxygen Concentrator included in the Custom’s adopted list

According to the decision issued by the ministry, in view of the increasing demand for oxygen concentrator during the Corona crisis, it has been placed in the agglomerated category. Items included in this list are considered as gifts at the time of custom clearance. With this decision of the government, one can also ask for gifts from abroad through post, courier or e-commerce portal for personal use.

What is Oxygen Concentrator: What is Oxygen Concentrator? How beneficial in corona crisis?

Creates oxygen from the surrounding air

The OxGene concentrator is a medical device that collects oxygen from the surrounding air simultaneously. Environmental air contains 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen gas. The second gas is the remaining 1 percent. The oxygen concentrator takes this air in, filters it, releases nitrogen back into the air and provides the remaining oxygen to the patients.

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