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Business Idea: Start this business with very little money, will earn lakhs of rupees every month

Business Idea: If you are looking for a new business, where there is a low cost in the initial phase and there is a bumper earning, then we are telling you a business which is in high demand in the country and abroad.

If you try your hand in this business, then you will definitely earn a lot of money every month. Even you can earn more than the job. We are telling you about the Beekeeping business. To start this business, the central government is also providing financial assistance.

what is business

Honey is used in many places, from medicines to food products. Beekeeping also has the potential to increase agricultural and horticultural production. This business is called beekeeping or silence keeping. Farmers in many states have left traditional farming and got into beekeeping. Not only have they earned money from this, the government also helps in many ways. Success in the market of beekeeping can be achieved with the help of processing plants by setting up beekeeping and honey processing units.

Business Idea: Demand for this product has increased in the market, there will be big earning every month at nominal cost

They can also do business

Beekeeping not only gives honey or wax, but many other things are also obtained from it. They provide products like beeswax, royal jelly, propolis or bee gum, bee pollen. All these products are in great demand in the market.

Such government will help

To start this business, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has started a central scheme named Development of Beekeeping for Improving Crop Productivity to improve crop productivity. The objective of this scheme is to develop beekeeping sector, increase productivity, conduct training and spread awareness.

The National Bee Board (NBB) in association with NABARD has also started schemes for financial assistance for beekeeping in India. To start this business, the government provides a subsidy of 80 to 85 percent.

Business Idea: Start this business in just Rs 10,000, earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home

how to earn

If you want, you can also do beekeeping with 10 boxes. If 40 kg of honey is found per box, then the total honey will be 400 kg. Selling 400 kg at the rate of Rs 350 per kg would earn Rs 1.40 lakh. If the cost per box comes to Rs.3500 then the total expenditure will be Rs.35,000 and the net profit will be Rs.1,05,000. This business increases by 3 times every year with the increase in the number of bees. That is, a business started with 10 boxes can be 25 to 30 boxes in a year.

If you want to do beekeeping on a large scale, then you can start this work by taking 100 boxes. If 40 kg of honey is found per box, then the total honey will be 4000 kg. On selling 400 kg of honey at the rate of Rs 350 per kg, you will get Rs 14,0000000. If the cost per box comes to Rs. 3500 then the total expenditure will be Rs. 3,40,000. Retail and other expenses will be Rs 1,75,000 (labour, travel etc.). Hence the net profit will be Rs.10,15,000.

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