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Business Idea: Demand for this product has increased in the market, there will be big earning every month at nominal cost

Business Idea: The government is taking various measures to eliminate the increasing pollution in the country. The government is in the process of banning plastic. Plastic has been banned in many states. In such a situation, we are telling you a business that does not harm the environment and can easily earn lakhs of rupees at a nominal cost.

These days the demand for disposable paper cups has increased a lot. People are using paper cups more. Paper glasses are also being made. Even juice is being given in these glasses. Help is also being given from the central government to start the business of this disposable paper cup.

Business Idea: Start this business in just Rs 10,000, earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home

The business of making glasses and cups from a special type of paper is called paper cup making business. Under this, glasses of different sizes are prepared. Due to being made of paper, they are also easily disposed. Due to which there is no harm to the environment.

Government is providing subsidy

To start this business, help is also available from the central government’s Mudra loan. Under the Mudra loan, the government would subsidize the interest. Under this scheme, you will have to invest 25% of the total project cost on your own. The government will give 75 percent loan under the Mudra scheme.

To do this business, 500 square feet area will be required. For machinery, equipment fee, equipment and furniture, dye, electrification, installation and pre-operative can cost up to Rs 10.70 lakh. For this you have to install small and big machines. Small machines can make cups of the same size.

Whereas the big machine makes glasses/cups of all sizes. Only one size cup/glass preparation machine will be available for 1 to 2 lakh rupees. With which you can start production. You will find these machines in many cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra and Ahmedabad.

Business Idea: Invest a small amount in this superhit business, earn lakhs of rupees a month, know the way

how much will you earn

If you work for 300 days a year, then in that number of days, 2.20 crore units of paper cups can be produced. You can sell it in the market for about 30 paise per cup or glass. In this way it will give you bumper profits.

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