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Big Events in 2020: Big events organized in corona epidemic, India’s role increased worldwide

Due to Corona epidemic, this year spent most of the year under lockdown which affected the events.

Big Events in 2020: Today is the last day of the year 2020. Like every year, there were plans to hold many events in 2020 this year. But due to the Corona epidemic, the entire year went under lockdown most of the year. Due to Corona epidemic, many events had to be canceled this year and whatever happened, most of them happened through video conferencing. This year, events like Facebook Fuel for India, Apple’s annual celebrations and UN’s 75th General Assembly were held through video conferencing. Some events had to be canceled such as the Olympics to be held in Japan this year, which will now be held in 2021 next year. Apart from this, big events like IPL were also affected by this and instead of India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took place in an empty stadium without spectators.

Facebook Fuel For India 2020

Social media giant Facebook organized Facebook Fuel For India 2020. This annual event Facebook has started from this year to show its commitment to India. It was held on 15 and 16 December 2020. Through this event, Facebook tried to increase growth by taking several products and plans together in India. At the event, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg asked Reliance chief Mukesh Ambani that what will be the role of technology in India after the Corona epidemic, then Ambani said that India will have an important role in the field of technology in the world.

Ambani credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign for the digital achievements in India. When Ambani asked Zuckerberg the reason for investing in India and Reliance Jio, the Facebook chief said that there are huge economic possibilities in India, that is why Facebook has invested here. During the event, Ambani thanked Zuckerberg for the largest FDI and Facebook-Geo partnership in India. On this occasion, Ambani said that there is a golden opportunity for many companies and entrepreneurs including Facebook to become part of the economic and social transformation in India. He called the Crisis epidemic as an opportunity for new growth.

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Apple’s first Mac chip

After occupying the mobile (iPhone) and tab (iPad) markets, Apple has moved towards occupying the laptop and desktop market. On November 11 this year, Apple launched three new Mac models at the third product launch event. However, this event will be memorable because Apple launched its first Mac chip M1. According to the company’s claims, the power efficiency of the system will increase through the M1 chip and once the battery is full charged, you will be able to watch movies for 20 hours. Till now, many chips were used in Mac for processor, security and memory, but now all these functions can be done only through M1 chip. According to Apple’s claim, it is the fastest integrated graphics in the world for personal computers and works at twice the graphics speed at one third the power consumption.

Declaration about 5G at India Mobile Congress

On 8-10 December, India Mobile Congress, the largest technical event in South Asia, was held between 8-10 December. In this ceremony, Reliance chief Mukesh Ambani made an important announcement for the next generation of network services. Ambani said that Reliance Jio will launch 5G services in the second half of 2021. However, he said that for this, policy changes and procedures should be expedited. Apart from this, he has advocated policy intervention to bring 30 million 2G phone customers in the country to smartphones.

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75th session of UN

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the General Assembly of the 75th session of the United Nations on 26 September 2020 this year, underlining India’s huge role in tackling the Corona epidemic. Prime Minister Modi said that India’s vaccine production and vaccine supply capacity will help in bringing the whole humanity out of the crisis of corona epidemic. In this event through video conferencing, PM Modi raised the issue of the permanent seat and said that for how long India will be kept separate from the decision-making structure of the UN.

PM Modi, underlining India’s big role in dealing with the Corona epidemic, said that India has always thought about the interest of the entire human race and its policies have always been inspired by this philosophy. In the difficult times of the epidemic, India sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries. PM Modi assured the global community through the UN that India’s vaccine production and supply capacity, as the world’s largest vaccine-producing country, will help in bringing the entire humanity out of this crisis.

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