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B.1.606 new variant of Corona in the city, increased fear after Omicron, Delta

Amravati, A new variant of Corona – B.1.606 has been found in the city. Concern has increased due to the rapid increase of corona infection, including Omicron, Delta and the entry of a new variant in Amravati city. The experts of Corona Test Lab at Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University have discovered this new variant. This variant is known to be found in Canada and the US. Due to the fear of increasing infection due to new variants, citizens are being called to be vigilant.

Omicron, Delta patient admissions

In the current situation in Amravati, three genetically mutated strains of corona infection are said to be active. Omicron was first found from Africa. Also, 3 patients of Delda have been found in Amravati. Apart from this, a new variant B.1.606 has been found again during genome sequencing. Experts have given information that this new variant is not dangerous.

Mutants found in February

Earlier in February-2021, a new type of mutant strain E484K was found in the second wave. The National Institute of Virology (NIV) had approved it in the second week of February-2021. Initially, after 10 months of corona infection, demographic changes were found for the first time in Amravati. E484K This new strain was found on Wednesday 17 February in the Corona Lab of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University.

infection increased in a week

After the beginning of January, the corona infection started increasing. There were 10 patients on 2 January and 6 on 3 January. This number has currently reached around Daily 100. About 91 patients have been found on 11 January. In Amravati, it became difficult to get beds in the hospital in the second wave. Due to the mass death, there was less space for the funeral. Due to which citizens need to be alert.

new variant found

A new variant of Corona has been found in some samples of B.1.606. This type of variant has been found in the US and Canada. The new variant is not dangerous. A total of 7 samples of variants have been found. In which there are also patients of 3 delta variants. Like Omicron, Delta has got a new variant. Then 17 samples have been sent for genome sequencing.

-Doctor. Prashant Thackeray, Coordinator, Genome Sequencing, Corona Test Lab

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