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Acid attack on wife, accused husband arrested

Acid attack on wife, accused husband arrested

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Nagpur. A sensational incident came to light on Saturday morning in the Rameshwari campus. Due to family dispute, a man escaped after attacking his own wife with acid. The woman got injured due to inflammable material and treatment is going on. This incident also swelled the hands and feet of the police, but immediately the arrest of the accused brought a sigh of relief. The injured woman was said to be Savita Jangte (35). The accused husband Suresh Jangte (42) resident of Kashinagar is eating the air of the lockup.

According to the information, Suresh is a plumber and works to clean the tanks. Suresh and Savita got married 14 years ago. Suresh was addicted to alcohol. He would return home drunk and without any reason used to beat up Savita by making fabricated allegations. Tired of the day-to-day harassment, Savita left Suresh’s house 3 years ago. She started living separately with her 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. She was feeding her children by washing utensils and clothes in people’s homes, but Suresh still did not improve. He was troubling Savita for some reason or the other. was pressurizing him to return home.

CP reached the spot

Around 10 am on Saturday, Savita left her home on a bicycle to go to work. Suresh came from opposite direction on the road going from Kashinagar to Rameshwari. He had kept the acid in a glass tumbler. He threw acid on Savita from the moving vehicle itself. Somehow Savita took care of herself. People ran for help after screaming. The incident was informed to the police. Savita was taken to the medical hospital for treatment.

As soon as the information about the acid attack on the woman was received, the ears of the top officials also stood up. CP Amitesh Kumar himself took stock of the spot. DIG Navinchandra Reddy, DCP Chinmoy Pandit and Nurul Hasan immediately dispatched teams in search of Suresh. Within just 2 hours, the police arrested Suresh from Wathoda premises. The incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed in a building. Soon the video went viral in the entire city.