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6 cheap stocks with strong growth and no debt

In any phase of stock market boom or recession, people are looking for such cheap stocks which are likely to give good returns. Although experts recommend avoiding such stocks, there are some that have good balance sheets and no or very little debt. Along with this, they also give dividend.

Such stocks can be considered for inclusion in the portfolio. Here is information about some of these


This government company does business in Project Management Consultancy, Real Estate and Engineering Procurement & Construction segments. The central government held 61.75 per cent stake in this till the end of June. The company has had almost zero debt for the past several years.

Its sales and profit record is also good. It has also given consistent dividend. It is likely to be included in the list of privatization of the government. The company’s stock price has risen 103 percent in the last one year.

Income Tax raid at the house of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and his sisters


Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) carries out mining and mineral processing. It is the largest seller of lignite in the country. However, the company’s profits have declined in recent years. It has never made a loss for almost two decades, except in the last financial year.

It has also been giving good dividend for many years.

3. Indraprastha Medical

The company had debt for the last 18 years. This year the company has reduced its debt to zero. It has never recorded any loss for the last several years. However, its profit has come down. Indraprastha Medical’s dividend yield has been in excess of 3 per cent for many years.

It did not pay dividend in the last two financial years. The company’s stock has risen nearly 59 percent in the past one year.


This government company started giving dividend from 1995. It has continued to pay dividends. The company has very little debt. The company’s stock reached a 10-year high last month. The main reason for this was a military coup in the African country of Guinea, a major supplier of bauxite.

This may lead to increase in aluminum prices, which will benefit Nalco.

5. Geojit Financial Services

The stock of this financial services firm has gained almost 107 percent in the last one year. It has made losses in only one financial year since 2004. In the last financial year, it had given a dividend of 350 percent.

6. Jalandhar Motor Agency

The firm deals in trading and distribution of automobile parts, accessories and petroleum products. It has good sales and profit growth. Its stock has gained about 135 percent in the last one year. Jalandhar Motor Agency does not have debt.

It also has a good record of paying dividends.

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