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19,478.55 ha. crop failure in the field; Tur, orange, wheat, onion spoiled due to unseasonal rain and hail

Amravati. Along with unseasonal rain for two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday, hailstorm occurred at some places in the district. Due to which there is a primary estimate of crop failure in a total area of ​​19,478.55 hectares in the district. The maximum damage has been recorded in Morshi tehsil. There has been massive damage to cotton, tur, orange, wheat, gram, onion, sugarcane and other crops. 64 houses have been partially damaged by the hailstorm. Reports of 5760 people being disrupted in Morshi have been received from the district administration. Due to which there is a demand by the farmers to declare the help of the farmers suffering from this loss by doing Panchnama immediately.

64 houses damaged

The district received unseasonal rains in the early hours of January 8 and January 9. There was hailstorm in some parts during this time. The unseasonal rain and hailstorm caused heavy damage to the Rabi crop in the district. The district has recorded an average of 13.6 mm of rain. Due to the hailstorm between the clouds and the storm, 64 houses have been damaged in the district. Most of the houses are in Morshi Tehsil. Due to which the district administration has given information about the disruption of 5760 people.

Most damage in Morshi

The farmers of Morshi tehsil have suffered the most due to this sky-high crisis. According to the report of Morshi Tehsildar, a total of 57 houses have been damaged in Nerpinglai mandal. In Shirkhed Mandal (Lehgaon) 5 houses, 2 green sheds, 2 Gothas have been damaged. 5704 people were disrupted in Nerpinglai and 56 in Riddhapur. In Morshi tehsil, crops have been destroyed in the maximum area of ​​11,604 hectares.

Farmers worried due to loss

Heavy rains in Kharif wreaked havoc on the farmers in the district. Now the farmers dependent on Rabi are once again facing natural calamity. On one hand, farmers are not getting the prices of agricultural produce. On the other hand, the farmer is troubled by the sky crisis. The demand for immediate financial help is being made from every tehsil and rural town.

Division wise loss in Morshi

Revenue Board Cotton Tur Orange Wheat Gram Onion Other Total

Hiwarkhed 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

ambara 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Morshi 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Shirkhed 539 315 98 97 205 56 01 1311

Dhamangaon 00 739 1306 524 346 1290 73 4278

Nerping to 2689 973 322 616 1107 120 152 5979

Riddhapur 00 12 00 00 24 00 00 36

Total 3967 2606 944 1059 2626 176 226 11604

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