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Traders of the country demanded from Union Minister Piyush Goyal, the deadline for gold hallmarking should be increased for 1 year

The success of the hallmarking scheme largely depends on the functioning of the hallmark centres. In order to enhance hallmarking, BIS may also recognize hallmark centers set up by private entrepreneurs.

Gold Hall marking Rule

The All India Jewelers and Goldsmiths Federation (AIJGF), which is affiliated to the country’s apex organization Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), today urged the Union Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal to keep the old ones with jewelers across the country. The last date for obtaining hallmark on the stock should be extended from August 31, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

In fact, jewelers across the country can get hallmarked on the old stock kept with them as per the instructions of the government. In view of the large number of jewelers in the country and limited number of hallmarking centers and getting hallmark on every item of old stock, it is very important to extend this date so that all the jewelery traders of the country can get hallmarked on their stock in time, on the other hand AIJGF has It has also been said that it should be made mandatory to put hallmark on the jewelery at the first point i.e. when the jewelery is made so that no jewelery product in the country can be sold without hallmarking.

It is mandatory to sell hallmarked jewelery

Jewelers across the country are more willing to sell only hallmarked jewelery after making it mandatory by the government, yet it is not possible to get hallmarked in such a short span of time. Therefore, AIJGF has requested for extension of this date. There are about 4 lakh jewelers in the country, out of which about 85% are small jewellers, who cater to the needs of the common man for gold jewelery ranging from villages to metros and hence the government by keeping such a large number of small jewelers at the centre. It is necessary to make policies through which the common consumer of the country can get reliable jewelry.

Appreciate the efforts of the government

AIJGF National President Pankaj Arora in his letter to Shri Piyush Goyal said that jewelers across the country stand in solidarity with the government to adhere to the norms laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the instructions of the Central Government. He appreciated Piyush Goyal’s positive attitude towards small jewelers who understood the real problems faced by the jewelery traders even from far flung areas of the country and gave great relief to the small jewelers of the country in proper consultation with the representatives of the jewelery industry from all over India. Gave. However, there are some practical initial issues that need to be clarified.

There are 933 Hallmark Centers across the country

Pankaj Arora further said that there are about 933 hallmark centers in the country and about 65 thousand jewelers have been registered. If all hallmark centers are functional in full swing, then the total number of registered jewelers will be able to get hallmarked per jeweler only on 150 pieces whereas jewelers across the country have a large number of old stock available and the number of old stock Every single Vastu is required to be hallmarked. As per the order of the government, the present infrastructure is insufficient to get hallmarked and hence the date needs to be extended by one year. He also appealed to Goyal to expedite the approval of 366 applications made so far for setting up hallmark centers and a plan should be made to set up more hallmark centers in the country on the basis of public private partnership.

HUID records required

AIJGF National Secretary Rajiv Rastogi argued for issuing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to achieve hallmarked customized jewelery without fire test, saying that HUID records must be maintained at the jeweler’s level first in the supply chain. be necessary. There should not be any compulsion to keep record of it anywhere in the categories after the process of retail traders and hallmarking. He further added that a large number of customers in India require changes in jewelery on demand. Therefore, jewelers should be allowed to make changes without setting any limit on alteration of jewellery, although original weight may be mandated in the bill along with HUID. At present, the limit of change in jewelry is up to 2 grams, which is quite negligible.

Link the license to the digital

AIJGF also said that the government should instruct all BIS offices to link all active licenses to the respective e-mails to BIS offices across India. For this the officials are not cooperating with the traders. In the earlier system, there was a manual process of doing BIS registration and traders are not able to access the portal due to non-availability of email links.

Success Depends on Hallmark Centers

Pankaj Arora said that the success of the hallmarking scheme largely depends on the functioning of the hallmark centres. In order to enhance hallmarking, BIS may also recognize hallmark centers set up by private entrepreneurs, who are periodically assessed by BIS for their performance. The purity or fineness of gold and gold ornaments is specified in IS 1417. He further said that the use of cadmium for bonding gold should be allowed. Because unlike the casting jewelry of western countries, it is impossible to make Indian crafts without adding them. However, there should be a ban on mixing this metal in gold, only because the use of stitches is allowed, the purity of the jewelry will also be maintained.

The system will also have to be improved

For faster process of hallmarking, BIS should improve its system to implement HUID as the server capacity is not sufficient to support the system most of the time. Because it hangs and the process of hallmarking old stock is being done very slowly which may take more time.

Import rules also need to be changed

AIGJF also demanded that the government should import gold in multiples of 50 or 100 grams and compel all banks to ensure that small jewelers and goldsmiths can get pure gold directly from the bank. With this, even small goldsmith jewelry will be easily hallmarked. AIJGF also urged that bullion and coins should also be included in mandatory hallmarking. With this, the government will also get the details of illegal consumption of gold and the arrival of illegal gold in India will also be reduced.

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