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Post Office Savings Account: You can get Rs. 12 lakhs on depositing Rs. 50

Post Office Yojana: In any crisis, only our savings are useful for us. The Corona period has explained this well to the people. People’s jobs are ending, shears are running on salary. In such a post office scheme, savings have emerged as a huge support. If you are not investing in the future. So start it immediately. Investing in Post Office Scheme has emerged as a great option at this time. Because the security on the post office investment remains complete. Also, there is more interest here than other schemes. (India Post)

Post office scheme

The biggest advantage of investing in this Post Office Scheme is that the amount of investment doubles. The minimum amount of investment is thousands of rupees and there is no limit on the maximum amount. The time to double the interest rate and investment amount is 3 months. This time has been set by the government. Post Office Yojana Kisan Vikas Patra is currently paying interest to customers at the rate of 6.9%. The amount deposited in the Post Office Yojana matures after 5 years from the date of account opening. However, the account holder has the option to extend the account time limit to 3 years after maturing.

Post office scheme Details

This option is currently available only once and must be requested within 1 year of maturity of the SCSS account. Under this Post Office Yojana, investment amount, interest earned and maturity amount will be exempt from income tax. This plan is for a lock in period of 15 years. But after 7 years you can get partial withdrawal facility. In this Post Office Scheme, the minimum amount is ₹ 500 and the maximum amount is 1.50 lakh rupees annually. This Post Office Yojana is getting interest at the rate of 7.1%. (India Post)

Post office scheme eligibility

Post Office Yojana PPF account can be started from minimum 500 rupees. The current annual interest rate on the account is 7. 1 percent. It is necessary to deposit minimum 500 rupees and maximum 1. 5 lakh rupees in an account in a financial year. If the minimum annual amount is not deposited in the account then the account becomes inactive and then activates again only after filling the previous balance, a charge of Rs 50 and an install. Also, if you want to take advantage of the entire interest of the month, then deposit it in PPF by the 5th of every month. Nomination facility on Post Office Scheme PPF, facility to open another PPF account in the name of Minor is available.

Partial withdrawal

After the girl turns 18, she can withdraw up to 50 percent of the balance at the end of the Financial Year. The account can be closed after the girl attains the age of 21. Post Office Yojana In case of marriage, the amount deposited in this account can be withdrawn even before the maturity period, provided the girl completes the age of 18 years. Are done If a deposit is less than Rs 250 during a Post Office Scheme financial year, the account will be closed. To revive it, a minimum amount for every financial year has to be deposited with a penalty of Rs 50 for that year.

Post Office Savings Account

You can open a Savings Post Office Yojana account in the post office (India Post). You can open this account for less than Rs 20 and there is no limit on the maximum amount. For non-check facility account a minimum balance of 50 rupees has to be kept in the account. At the time of this Post Office Yojana, interest is being paid on this account at the rate of 4 percent. If you want to take the check facility, then there is a minimum balance of 500 rupees in your account.

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