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Only 54% of the houses constructed under PM Awas Yojana – rural, aim to get everyone home by 2022

PM Awas Yojna-Grameen was launched by the central government from 20 November 2016.

Nearly four years started on PM Awas Yojna-Gramin (PMAY-G) have been completed. So far, 1,22,81,874 houses have been constructed under this scheme, which is equivalent to about 54 percent of the scheme. The scheme was launched by the central government on 20 November 2016. The target set under the scheme is that by 2022 all the people living in rural areas should have their own pucca house. With this target, 2,23,89,073 houses are to be constructed by 2022, out of which 1,22,81,874 houses have been constructed. The state closest to the target is Uttar Pradesh. Another important thing is that since the beginning of the scheme, the target of building houses has not been met in any financial year and this year is far from the target.

Most houses constructed in West Bengal

Under PMAY-G, most of the houses across the country have been constructed in West Bengal. According to the data given on the Ministry of Rural Department, more than 20 lakh houses have been constructed under this scheme in West Bengal. After West Bengal, maximum number of houses have been constructed under this scheme in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. More than 17 lakh houses have been constructed in Madhya Pradesh and more than 14 lakh houses in Uttar Pradesh.

1.95 lakh beneficiaries have been enrolled

A target has been set to construct 2.23 crore houses under PMAY-G. So far, 1,95,38,491 beneficiaries have been registered and geo-tagging of 1,89,24,004 houses has also been done. According to the information given on the website of the ministry, 1,83,25,535 houses have been sanitized under PMAY-G so far and out of this 1,22,81,874 houses have been completed. Funds worth Rs 2.8 lakh crore have been allocated under this scheme, out of which Rs 1.7 lakh crore have been released.

Construction of 1 lakh houses in FY 2020-21

Under the PMAY-G, 99,827 houses have been constructed this financial year. A target has been set to construct 64,40,157 houses for this financial year, for which 32,46,816 beneficiaries have been registered so far. So far, 29,99,214 houses have been sanctioned in the current financial year, out of which only around 1 lakh have been completed.

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Goal not fulfilled in any year

PMAY-G was started in 2016 and since then the target of building some houses is set every year. However, the target could not be met in any year. The target was to construct 42,64,470 houses in 2016-17, but only 38,34,612 houses could be constructed. In 2017-18, the target was to construct 31,70,117 houses, while only 28,44,398 houses were constructed. The target was to construct 25,14,493 houses in 2018-19 but only 23,73,446 could be completed. In the last financial year, very few houses could be constructed beyond the target set. In the last financial year 2019-20, the target of building 59,99,836 houses was set while only 31,29,391 houses were constructed.

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