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LPG Cylinder Price May Decrease

Gas Subsidy News | The central government has stopped the subsidy on gas, this ban has been imposed since May, that means the subsidy money would have stopped coming to your account after the month of May, why has the government decided on this There is no official confirmation yet. The government has decided to end the subsidy after May, the ministry said that the government had decided to end the gas subsidy at the same time of the revised price of May, due to which the transfer of subsidy money even after taking gas in May and June. has not been done.

Gas Subsidy News: Expensive gas cylinders will be cheaper from now

Ujjawala Gas Subsidy News

Afflicted people are going to get relief from expensive LPG cylinders. In order to provide relief to the public, the government is going to change the method of charging gas cylinders. According to the new method, people will now get cheaper gas cylinders. In fact, under the new plan, the government has decided that it will give gas cylinders to people at a subsidized price. The subsidy money will later be sent directly to the petroleum company’s account, that is, the return of the money which used to go to the people’s account will now go to the companies’ account. This will make a difference that the price of the cylinder will decrease for the people.

This will be a benefit

  • The new way of DBT will also curb the collusion of gas agencies and consumers.
  • The complaint came that consumers used to book cylinders even when there was no need.
  • The subsidy comes to the consumer’s account and the cylinder is sold to someone else.

Prices may decrease from August 1

There may be a cut in the price of gas from August 1, preparations are underway at the central government level. Both phases of Unlock-2 are being completed by 31 July, after which what does the central government decide? Everyone is watching this now. Suppose a preferred oil company official or it is likely that the prices of LPG cylinders revisited on August 1 will decrease and subsidy cylinders may be cheaper. There has been an increase in the price of gas cylinders in the country by Rs 100 in the last year, in the national capital Delhi, in July last year, the price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder was Rs 637, which has now come down to Rs 594. is.

Now subsidy will end

Gas Subsidy News: It is worth mentioning that the Central Government used to give subsidy on 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for each household in a year. If more cylinders are needed, then the purchase is done at the market price, although the government subsidy on 12 cylinders every year. Also, its price varies from month to month, factors such as average international benchmark and changes in foreign exchange rates determine the amount of subsidy. The government will start this scheme with the consumer taking connections under the Ujjwala scheme. The Ministry believes that it is not easy for the beneficiary of Ujjwala scheme to give nearly one thousand rupees. The amount of subsidy comes in the bank account. In this way, the consumer only has to pay the subsidy price.

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