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Help the road accident victim and get cash reward, the government started a new scheme for the helpful people

Road accidents are one of the biggest causes of death in India. According to the Road Accidents in India 2019 report, the number of accident deaths in India in 2019 was 1,51,113. While the government can and is doing a lot to reduce this number, many times the onus of saving lives falls on the first responder. Most of the people are afraid to join the investigation and help someone to avoid going to court.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has come up with a new scheme which promotes “Good Samaritan” behaviour. The Ministry has announced guidelines for the “Scheme to Award the Good Samaritan, which has taken one motor vehicle to provide medical treatment by providing immediate assistance and taking it to the hospital/trauma care center within the critical time of the accident.” Saved the life of a victim of a fatal accident.

Any person who has saved the life of a road accident victim in a hospital by providing immediate help and within the critical time of the accident, shall be entitled to the award. A person can be awarded a maximum of five times in a year.

The prize money for Good Samaritan will be ₹5,000 per event. On receipt of information from the Police Station/Hospital, the District Level Appraisal Committee will review and approve the proposals on a monthly basis.

The evaluation committee at the district level, consisting of the District Magistrate, SSP, Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMO), RTO (Transport Department) of the district concerned, will refer the cases to the concerned State/UT Transport Department for awarding the good people. Will send

MoRTH will provide Rs.5 lakh as an initial grant to the Transport Department of the State/UT for making payments to the good people. Thereafter, the Ministry will reimburse the amount to the States/UTs on a monthly basis.

A State Level Monitoring Committee headed by Principal Secretary (Home) with Commissioner (Health) and ADGP (Traffic and Road Safety) as Member and Transport Commissioner as Member Secretary will hold quarterly meetings to monitor the implementation of the scheme properly.

Every year, the State Level Monitoring Committee of each State/UT will nominate the three most deserving proposals for the National Level Awards to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for further consideration.

For this purpose, MoRTH will have an Appraisal Committee and they will review the proposals received from the States/UTs and select the best ten best people of the year. 1,00,000 each along with a certificate and trophy will be awarded during the National Road Safety Month (NRSM) in Delhi.

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