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Haryana government to give workers only Rs 10

Haryana Sarkar Welfare Yojana : There are many schemes for organized and unorganized sector workers in the country! But not everyone is really aware of this! Neither the government does enough publicity about this nor do the less educated workers find out about it! We are telling you about one such welfare scheme of Haryana Government, so that you can get the benefit of this scheme! Under this scheme of the Labor Welfare Department of Haryana Government, you get 19 facilities on contribution of only 10 rupees a month! Normally you may have to spend a hefty amount for this kind of facility!

Haryana Sarkar Welfare Yojana

Under this scheme of Labor Welfare Department of Haryana, if a person’s 3 daughters and two sons study in 9th-10th class, then the state government will pay Rs. 31,000 annually to that worker! If the daughter of a laborer gets married, then she will be given Rs 51,000 from the Haryana government. This scheme is valid for a maximum of three daughters! If a laborer’s wife is being delivered, then she will be given Rs 10,000 towards the government!

It is necessary to take advantage of this scheme of Haryana Government! That the work of a worker should be completed for at least one year! With this, the monthly salary of the worker should not be more than Rs 25,000!

What benefits can be availed under this scheme

The children of a laborer study from 1st to 12th grade! So for this, they get Rs 3-4,000 annually to buy school dress, book-copies etc. 5000 for boys of 9th-10th, Rs. 7000 for girls annually. 5500 for boys of 11th-12th, 7750 rupees for girls! Children of workers are given up to Rs 2,000-31,000 depending on the competition for sports!

Children of workers are given up to Rs 2,000-31,000 for getting a place in the cultural competition! Assistance of Rs. 2,00,000 is given to his widow or dependent on death of the worker due to any reason! In case of death due to any reason at the work place or outside, Rs. 15,000 is given for the cremation of the worker. In case of death while working at the workplace, the dependent is given a help of 5 lakh rupees!

Workers are given assistance of Rs. 3000 on purchase of bicycles (salary limit – Rs. 18,000)! Workers are given assistance of up to Rs 1,500 for spectacles! Rs 51-51,000 will be assisted for the marriage of three girls of labor!

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