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Free internet with 10 MBPS speed will be installed in every village government building

Sarkari Yojana will be 10 MBPS speed free internet in every village government building: Like the Central Government, several types of schemes have been launched in different parts of the country, the benefits of which are reaching almost every corner of the country. Apart from this, the government continues to implement many types of schemes, so that the people of the country do not have to face any kind of trouble anywhere.

Free internet with 10 MBPS speed will be installed in every village government building

Government Installed 10 Mbps Speed Free Internet Will Be In Every Village

At the same time, under another government scheme by the Center, news is coming that now Internet connection will be made in five government buildings in every village of every district. Not only this, it has also been decided by the Center that this service will be free for one year. The reason behind implementing this scheme is that government works will be done with this free internet connection. Also, employees working there will also be able to get internet service through Wi-Fi connection. At the same time, its speed will be 10 Mbps per second.

Connections will be done by August

According to the information related to this scheme, DC Yashendra Singh has asked to start FTTH service in all panchayats of blocks and villages by August. With this, all the 358 panchayats of the district will be connected to the government building by free internet connection. This scheme is being launched by the government to connect every village in the district with internet. Along with this, all kinds of works have been done online to bring transparency in government work behind the implementation of this scheme. For this the village secretariat has also been created, so that people can get internet facility easily in the villages, but sometimes the work stops due to weak internet service, hence FTTH plan is also being started in the villages.

Connections will connect in these places

At the same time, giving more information related to this scheme, DC said that internet connection will be connected to places like Government Hospital, PHC, CHC, Dispensary, Village Secretariat, Panchayat Ghar, Anganwadi Center, Police Post Police Station etc. Everyone here will be able to take advantage of this facility easily.

Internet started reaching every village, so plan started

At the same time, District Manager of Common Service Center, Jagdeep, while talking about this, said that after covering the government building, the people of the village will be able to get internet connection in their private house too. The government has started this scheme to provide high speed internet facility to every village. FTTH speed will be good. Also, a 10 MB file will take only 8 seconds to download. Apart from this, all the staff members will get the benefit. At the same time, ordinary citizens will also be able to connect their Android mobile to Wi-Fi.

Scheme implemented under Digital India Project

Also, District Manager Jagdeep further informed that the scheme is being implemented under the Digital India Project launched by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. Under this, BharatNet Fiber Internet Connectivity will be brought to the villages from door to door, so that the villages can easily do all their needs from home, just like the city. The purpose of this plan is to improve the condition of the village. Also, to provide all kinds of easy facilities to the villagers there.

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