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Farmers will get loan up to 3 lakh, interest

Kisan Credit Card Loan Amount: Now, a loan of up to three lakh rupees will be made available to all farmers of the country at a very low-interest rate. For this, the Central Government has started wide publicity of the Kisan Credit Card Scheme (PM Kisan Credit Card Yojana). In this credit card scheme (Kisan Credit Card KCC), farmers can take loans according to their convenience. And the farmers are taken at a very low-interest rate on this loan amount. This Kisan Credit Card Scheme works under the rules of the Central Government. And the central government is running this scheme through banks in the entire country.

Kisan Credit Card Loan Amount

In the Kisan Credit Card Yojana (PM Kisan Credit Card Yojana), a type of credit card is issued by the banks to the farmers. This Kisan Credit Card is also like a credit card at the time. Farmers can use this KCC to use the money for agricultural purposes as per their convenience. Farmers can purchase various types of agricultural implements including tractors with the loan amount taken from this credit card (Kisan Credit Card KCC).

Prime Minister Kisan Credit Card Yojana (PM Kisan Credit Card Yojana) was started by the Central Government in the year 1998. But at that time this scheme was not much supported by the farmers. But after the launch of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana in the year 2019 by the Modi government, the farmer got full support of this scheme. And now many farmers of the country are doing their farming in an advanced way using this Kisan Credit Card KCC.

What is Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2020?

Brief information about the Kisan Credit Card Scheme

  1. Under this farmer credit card scheme, you can take a loan of maximum of three lakh rupees.
  2. In the year 2019, the central government made the Kisan Credit Card mandatory to take advantage of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana.
  3. This scheme has been started by the Central Government to prevent farmers from taking loans at a high-interest rate.
  4. Using the Kisan Credit Credit Card, farmers can buy various types of agricultural equipment including tractors.
  5. Farmers can also use the amount taken under this scheme for well or boring.
  6. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana, a credit card is given to the farmers like other cards by the banks. Kisan Credit Card KCC.
  7. Interest can be charged by banks on the loan taken on Kisan Credit Card with a maximum rate of 4%.
  8. During the Corona period, farmers have been exempted from interest on the loan amount for three months.
  9. So far, 78% of the farmers in the country have got their Kisan Credit Cards made.
  10. Loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh are provided under this scheme without any security.

Eligibility and required documents for PM Kisan Credit Card Yojana

  • Aadhar Card
  • Identity Card
  • Photocopy of bank passbook
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Land documents
  • Ground’s measles number and measles copy
  • mobile number

If you are a farmer and want to get your Kisan Credit Card (PM Kisan Credit Card Yojana), then you must have this document. Without these documents, the bank can cancel your KCC (Kisan Credit Card KCC) application. Get all these documents made before applying for eight Kisan Credit Cards. Along with this, the farmers have to fulfill the eligibility prescribed by the central government to make KCC. This Kisan Credit Card will be issued to farmers only. Also, such farmers who have been working in the Central Government or State Government, currently or in the past, will also not get the benefit of this Farmer Loan Scheme. Also, this KCC will not be issued to politicians and entrepreneurs, and to farmers who are income taxpayers.

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