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A pregnant woman will get six types of milk in six days

Haryana Doodh Uphar Yojana: Haryana Government has launched a unique scheme for pregnant women. The name of this scheme is ‘Chief Minister Milk Gift Scheme’. Haryana government is going to launch the scheme to provide nutrition to women and their children. So that it is most important for pregnant women, their children and breastfeeding women to get good nutrition, and milk is necessary for this. Because different types of nutrients are found in milk.

Haryana Doodh Uphar Yojana

Doodh uphar yojana

The scheme is to be launched tomorrow i.e. on the 5th of August. Under this, nutritious milk will be distributed to such women who are poor, and their economic condition is not better. You will get information about where such beneficiary women can get milk for themselves and their baby.

Features of Chief Minister Milk Gift Scheme

Purpose of the plan

The purpose of starting this Haryana Doodh Uphar Yojana by Haryana State Government is to nurture women and their children. The scheme is being launched to fulfill the objective of improving the level of nutrition in them. Under this scheme, at least 200 ml liter of fortified skimmed milk is to be provided free of cost to the beneficiaries by the state government.

Benefits from Haryana Doodh Uphar Yojana

The biggest benefit of the launch of this Haryana Doodh Uphar Scheme is that the future generation will be made healthy by eliminating malnutrition in the state and this scheme will also boost the nutrition level. Under this scheme, milk will be provided to beneficiary women and children in 6 different flavors 6 days a week. It will be distributed for at least 300 days in a year. Under this scheme, milk will be given free of cost to about 9.03 lakh children and 2.95 pregnant women and lactating women.

Flavored milk given under the Chief Minister’s Milk Gift Scheme

The 6 different flavors in which milk will be provided 6 days a week to the beneficiaries under this Haryana Chief Minister Milk Gift Scheme (Haryana Doodh Uphar Scheme) are as follows

  • Chocolate
  • Rose
  • Cardamom
  • Vanilla
  • Plane
  • Butterscotch etc.

Eligibility Criteria in Haryana Chief Minister Milk Gift Scheme

Under this scheme, women and their children living in Haryana will be provided milk for free. The beneficiaries will be below the BPL category i.e. poverty line. Age eligibility has been fixed for children joining the scheme, which is 1 to 6 years. Children in this age group will get the benefit. Women of the state of Haryana who are pregnant and lactating women will be provided benefits.

How to apply for the scheme

Like this Haryana Doodh Uphar Scheme being launched by the Haryana State Government, the distribution of milk to the beneficiary women and children will be provided by the Anganwadi center of their area. Anganwadi workers will go to the beneficiaries’ house and provide milk to them. Before this, the information of the beneficiaries will be obtained by the Anganwadi workers from door to door. Only those who are eligible will be provided milk for free.

Therefore, the state government is starting this Haryana Doodh Uphar Yojana to focus on health specially due to the outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic. So that children are born healthy and they get nutritious food right from childhood. So that they can fight any epidemic like Corona virus easily.

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