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Friday, January 28, 2022

Mutual funds increase purchases in top small- midcaps, most buys in Adani Green, Zydus Wellness, Shilpa Medicare

  • Increased investment in midcap, smallcap following SEBI’s new rules

Mutual funds that invest heavily in large-cap funds. But following SEBI’s new rules, it has now increased investment in large-cap as well as midcap and small-caps. In September, mutual funds sold the most equity worth Rs 1,143 crore in a multicap scheme. Largecaps accounted for Rs 576 crore. In the large-cap segment, asset management companies made the largest purchases during September in Adani Green Energy, Piramal Enterprise, Godrej Consumer Products, Bosch and Tech Mahindra. While Bharti Infratel, HDFC AMC, Punjab National Bank, SBI Cards and Payments Services, MRF recorded the highest sales.

SEBI had changed the rules for multi cap funds in view of the sell-off in the equity market over the past few months. Under this, SEBI has directed multicap funds to allocate 25-25 per cent of their portfolio to large, mid and smallcap.

Mutual funds invested the most in Piramal Enterprise, Bosch and Wipro during August and September. Among the midcaps, Shriram Transport Fi had the highest buying and Syngen International and Voda-Idea had the highest sales. In the smallcap segment, Aarti Drugs had the highest purchase and GMM Fodler had the highest sales.

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Mutual funds have been sold in equity for the last four months

Mutual funds have been selling heavily in the equity market for the past four months. In September, Rs. 2,595.70 crore, up from Rs. 9339.02 crore, up from Rs. 7231.99 crore, and Rs. 3,689.67 crore was sold. Equity funds had sales of Rs 734 crore in September, according to Amfi data. Sales were Rs 4,000 crore in August and Rs 2,480 crore in July

SIP investment inflows remained strong in September

SIP investment inflows have remained strong despite the withdrawal of investment in mutual funds over the past few months. In September, Rs. 7788 crore SIP investment was recorded. In August, Rs. An investment inflow of Rs 7,792 crore was seen in SIPs. Union AMC CEO G. “Regular investments in mutual funds through SIPs have been strong,” said Pradeep Kumar. The number of SIP folios has also seen sustainable growth. Overall, the AUM of the mutual fund’s industry declined to Rs. 26.85 lakh crore. Which in August was Rs. 27.49 lakh crore.

The market direction will be determined by geopolitical developments, large figures

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