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Women’s Day 2021: Women’s preferred choice for investment, what goals do you invest in?

Women’s Day 2021: March 8 is International Women’s Day. In all areas, women are moving forward and men are also left behind. It is also very important for women to be financially independent and empowered. For this, women should invest more and more. In this regard, the investment platform Groww recently conducted a survey to understand the investment habits of Indian women investors. In this survey, more than 28,000 women have given their opinion. In this, what are the preferred options for women to invest, what goals do they invest in keeping with them, do they seek advice from anyone in this regard, etc. Questions were asked.

Where do women invest?

The survey has revealed that women investors of Delhi have a balanced approach towards high risk and medium to low-risk investment options. According to the survey, the top investment options he chose were mutual funds (77%), stocks (61%), fixed deposits (31%), and PPF (20%).

Goals of women investors

It was found in the survey that women investors of Delhi gave the most importance to personal goals. 60% of women have invested with the aim of making them come true. In terms of the number of women investing with the aim of higher education, Delhi left behind other states and higher education was the reason for the investment of at least 15% of the women here. 36% of women investors also said that they are investing to support their families and the same number of women said that they are investing to retire early.

Do they consult for investment?

The survey revealed that 32.95% of women consult their friends and families. But when it comes to making the final decisions related to investment, they have this right. 21.59% of women said that they take independent decisions about where and how to invest. The survey shows that women are investing keeping the goal in mind. They are more independent in making their decisions and know about the risk-return trade to achieve their financial goals.

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Reasons for women not to invest

The survey included about 2000 women who do not invest. 49% of them said that lack of knowledge is the main reason for their not investing. Also 32% said that they do not have enough savings to invest. 13% of women expressed their fear of losing money in the market.

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