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Sensex Vs Gold Vs Silver Vs PPF Vs FD: Where is more profit in 1 year, which is the best option for investment right now


Best Option to Investment: As an investor, it is better to do all your investment in different asset class instead of doing it in one place. These include equity market, gold-silver, fixed deposits, besides PPF or other small savings schemes are popular investment options. As a skilled investor, it is important for you to invest your money in different asset classes, which reduces the risk. At the same time, you should also assess from time to time what you are getting by investing money. If you are also wondering where to invest it has been beneficial for you. Here we are giving information about how different assets have been performing in the last one year.

If we talk about high returns then the name of the equity market comes first. But there is also a fear of fluctuations from time to time. A better example of this has been found in the last one year, when the market moved from record high to low and Hifer is moving towards high. At the same time, investment in mutual funds is also subject to risk.

Small savings schemes such as PPF or fixed deposits guarantee a return on investment, although returns are low. Gold and silver have always been popular choices in terms of investment. When equity declines, investment in gold increases as a safe haven. This is the reason why gold has got excellent returns in the last 1 year.


Return in 1 year: 44.5%
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,44,500
1 lakh return on investment: Rs 44,500


Return in 1 year: 65.3 percent
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,65,300
1 lakh return on investment: Rs 65,300


Return in 1 year: 3 percent
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,03,000
1 Lakh Investment Benefit: Rs 3000


Return in 1 year: 2.9 percent
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,02,900
1 lakh return on investment: Rs 2900


Average return in 1 year: 6.8% (average of different banks)
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,06,800
1 Lakh Investment Benefit: Rs 6800


Return in 1 year: 7.9 percent (1 year ago rate)
Value of one lakh in 1 year: Rs 1,07,900
1 lakh return on investment: Rs 7900

What should investors do now

Share Market: Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, says that at present, when talking about the stock market, the PE valuation of Nifty has again become high and it is close to 30. This shows that once again the market can come. In January and February this year, the Nifty’s PE was close to 27 and 28, after which the market fell. In March it came to around 20 and the valuation here was very attractive. After which the purchase was seen. But PE coming to 30 means investors should wait for the fall.

Bullion: Kedia says that gold is still a better option. In countries like Britain, New Zealand and South Korea, cases of COVID-19 have come back. This means that this concern is going to remain ahead. There is still uncertainty in global markets. Therefore, the safe haven demand for gold will remain. Corrections had come in gold recently, but then boeing has started from there. It is better that investors invest in gold sovereign bonds, on which the return of 2.5 per cent per annum is also given. Silver has more volatility now.

Small Savings Scheme: Schemes like PPF and FD are a better option for risk-taking investors, where a fixed return is available. However, in view of inflation and declining interest rates, now these schemes have become less attractive than before.




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