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Indian investors: Only 13 percent like the stock market, know the world’s

During the Corona period, stock markets across the world have seen a tremendous decline. The condition was very bad in the months of March and April. Except for a few companies, all suffered greatly. Which also caused a lot of loss to investors. Big companies like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Reliance also benefited. Reliance is going through its best phase in the Corona era itself. Investors have also benefited.

Do you know how many investors are there in India, who invest their money in the stock market? After all, how much confidence do Indian investors have on the stock market compared to the whole world? Which segment do Indian investors prefer to invest in? Let us also tell you.


  • Globally 26% of investors invest in the equity market
  • Indian investors do not have much confidence in the stock market
  • Indian investors prefer to invest in the debt market

Indian investor does not like the equity market

According to the data of a report, the common Indian investor does not like the equity market more than the rest of the world investors. According to the data, Indian investors invest only 12.9 percent in the equity market. While in the rest of the world this figure is 26.1 percent. According to experts, the understanding of the stock market and the pattern of investing in it is very less among Indian investors. Investors in India invest less money in the rest of the segment due to less information and the courage to not take risks. In the lockdown period, however, the number of people investing in the stock market has increased. Especially educated is getting attracted towards youth equity.

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Indian investor trusts more on this

At the same time, most of the Indian investors are confident of debt or rather that the bonds are in the market. In which risk is reduced and returns are also seen in less time. According to the data, currently, 41.3 percent of investors invest in the debt market. Talking about global investors, their share in the debt market is equal or rather more modest. 43.9% of global investors invest in the debt market.

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Gold is also the most trusted

On the other hand, apart from the debt market, Indian investors also invest most on gold. Currently, the trend of ETF gold and online trading has increased significantly. In the Corona era or, since March, investors in gold have seen returns of around 35%. According to the data, Indian investors investing in the gold account for 30.2 per cent. In contrast, global investors do not like to invest in gold much. Only 10 percent of people prefer to invest in gold.

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Real estate has reduced trend

In the last 5 to 6 years, the property market in India is going very cold. Real estate has become worse in the Corona era. The reason for this is that investors are less inclined towards real estate. In fact, thousands of projects in the country have been pending for years. Investors have lost their minds on real estate after cases like Amrapali Group came to light. Even after the banks brought the interest rates down to a 20-year low, it has not been able to attract investors.

Even after all this, 15.6 per cent of Indian investors have a stake in real estate. At the same time, real estate trust in global investors is still maintained. Foreign investors are preferring to invest in real estate as compared to India. This figure is 20 percent.

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Source: www.patrika.com

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