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Investment Tips: If you want to teach children abroad, then investing in Global Fund can be helpful, know what is the method of planning?

Investment in Global Fund can prove to be effective in getting children’s education abroad

With the passing of the year, the cost of education is also increasing. The rate of inflation of education is increasing at the rate of 10 to 11 percent every year. But when it comes to higher education abroad, a huge amount is required and investing in a global fund can make your job easier. According to experts, investing in global funds helps diversify investors. Is. If there is a fall in the Indian market, then investors can get the benefit of the rise in the US market.

Understand tax calculations before investing

One of the major benefits of investing in global funds is in the form of currency diversification. If the rupee depreciates, the value of your investment in the fund increases. Global Fund gives exposure to the investors in foreign currency. Therefore, when the rupee depreciates, it stops the fall in investment. Investors should take care of taxation while investing in these funds. Short term gains tax is payable on holdings of less than three years. The tax rates are decided according to your income tax slab.

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Check out the fund’s performance and investment portfolio

When you invest in a global fund, see where it is putting your money. For example, exposure of global funds to huge IT companies can give you better returns. However, investors must take a decision by looking at the performance of the fund as compared to its benchmark. Experts say that do not invest all your investments in global funds only. He says that X in Global Fund

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