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Diwali 2020 Mutual Funds: Invest in these schemes of mutual funds, to be rich over time

Mutual Funds To Invest in Diwali 2020: Be it Diwali or Dhanteras, people usually buy equity or physical gold. If you have a plan to buy gold on Dhanteras or Diwali, then you also have an option of mutual funds. Money in Gold Fund continuously you can take advantage of the rise in gold in the coming days. This category of mutual funds has given the highest returns in the last one year. The average return of Gold Fund in 1 year has been more than 39 per cent. Due to uncertainty due to Corona epidemic, slowdown in global economy and increasing geo-political tension in some areas of the world, the glow of gold remains constant. These factors are further supporting gold.

What are gold mutual funds

Gold funds are also a mutual fund. Here, units are allotted equal to the price of gold to investors. Generally, 1 unit of most gold mutual funds is considered equal to 1 gram of gold. People can also buy 1 unit i.e. 1 gram of gold in these funds. As the rate of gold changes, the rate per unit also changes. Talking about the last one year, there has been a strong boom in gold, due to which those investing in gold mutual funds have also benefited fiercely. There is an advantage of liquidity in this, here investors can take money by selling their gold whenever they want.

Take advantage of the boom in gold

Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, says that at present, this category can be allocated 10% of the total portfolio of mutual funds. There is pressure on many big economies including the US. The US Fed is not yet ready to raise interest rates. The cases of Covid 19 are raising concern in the US and in many countries of Europe. Unless the corona vaccine is available to the general public in the market, there will be a situation of uncertainty in the market. In such a situation, gold is seen again crossing its record high. This fast can be availed through Gold Fund.

What are mutual funds buying before Diwali? These 10 stocks became likes, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank

Gold Fund returns in 1 year

In the last one year, the returns of gold funds have been the highest among all categories of mutual funds. Funds involved in this segment have given up to 33 per cent returns.

Kotak Gold Fund: 32.54 percent
HDFC Gold Fund: 32.44 percent
Axis Gold ETF: 32.22 per cent
Nippon India Gold Saving Fund: 31.76%
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Saving: 31.72%
SBI Gold Fund: 31.70 percent
Quantum Gold Saving: 31%

Funds that give good returns in the long term

Invesco Gold Fund

Return in 5 years: 14 percent
Value of 1 lakh: 1.92 lakh rupees
Minimum investment: Rs 1000

Kotak Gold Fund

Return in 5 years: 13.85%
Value of 1 lakh: 1.91 lakh rupees
Minimum investment: Rs 5000

Axis Gold Fund

Return in 5 years: 13.79 percent
Value of 1 lakh: 1.91 lakh rupees
Minimum investment: Rs 5000

ABSL Gold Fund

Return in 5 years: 13.77 percent
Value of 1 lakh: 1.91 lakh rupees
Minimum investment: Rs 1000

SBI Gold Fund

Return in 5 years: 13.39 percent
Value of 1 lakh: 1.87 lakh rupees
Minimum investment: Rs 5000

(Note: We have given information to experts here based on the discussions and performance of the fund. There are risks in the market, so be sure to consult experts before investing.)

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