Now insurance of drones in the country, ICICI Lombard has started policy for operators - know the benefits

Now insurance of drones in the country, ICICI Lombard has started policy for operators – know the benefits

ICICI Lombard launches drone insurance in the country

Drone Insurance in India : Now drone fliers will be able to take its insurance cover. ICICI Lombard, the largest general insurance company in the private sector, has launched a special comprehensive insurance plan for drone operators. This insurance package will cover them if the drone is stolen or any damage caused to it such as damage to its payload (camera/equipment). It will also cover third party liability. According to the instructions of the DGCA, at present, drones can be flown only within the visual line of sight (VLOS) and during the day. But it can also be used at night for sanitization and social distancing and other monitoring in areas affected by coronavirus.

Who can take insurance policy

Drone insurance can be taken by those drone operators, who will be approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) for the commercial use of drones. Such operators can get both a Hull Cover and a Liability Cover for the drone.

Six types of risks will be covered

Under the Hull Cover Policy, there will be a cover for theft and disappearance of the drone or any sudden loss. The damage caused due to wear and tear is not covered under insurance. Loss due to non-compliance of DGCA guidelines is also not covered. Payload cover and Equipment cover cover sudden damage to the payload.

This insurance policy covers bodily injury caused during and related to drone operation in India. If the operator has an insurance cover, there may be third party cover. Apart from this, the facility of medical insurance cover also provides for the operator. This includes cover for hospitalization due to bodily injury arising from the flight of a covered drone. Sudden bodily injury and damage to property due to drones are also covered.

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Drone insurance can also be taken online

Sanjay Dutta of ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company says that the drone industry has shown tremendous growth potential in recent times. Due to its increasing use for commercial and common citizens, insurance cover has become necessary for damages caused by it. So the company has launched a product related to drone insurance. This insurance will also be available online.

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