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ICICI Lombard launches many features including insurance services, policy renewal and claim on messaging app Telegram

ICICI Lombard has launched its services on its Telegram,

ICICI Lombard, one of the country’s largest general insurance companies, has now started its insurance service on the messaging app. The company says that it has become the first company to start self-service related to insurance on Telegram through artificial intelligent chatbot @ICICI_Lombard_Bot. Through this, the customer can claim the motor insurance as well as keep an eye on its status. Along with this, the facility of renewing the insurance policy, downloading the policy document and modifying the details related to it is also being given.

The company’s insurance services are also available on WhatsApp

ICICI Lombard (ICICI_Lombard) has also started insurance service on WhatsApp. With this information about the new insurance service as well as the latest information about the insurance claim can be taken immediately. The company says that any document for insurance claim can be uploaded on it immediately. If you want to claim motor accident insurance, then the registration of the vehicle, date, time and place of the accident has to be entered, any customer can use this service by sending a message on WhatsApp number 7738282666. Under the company’s contactless service, the claims of customers are settled immediately through this medium.

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The company said, there has been a change in customer communication and service

Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard said, “There has been a significant change in customer communication and service in the last few years. The new age consumer demand is instant and contactless solution service. The company is fulfilling the same demand, the services launched by ICICI Lombard on the messaging platform include tracking of claim status, downloading active policies, renewal of existing insurance cover, modifying and changing personal information related to the policy. Customers can also locate affiliated hospitals and garages at the nearest ICICI Lombard branch office based on the customer’s current address.

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