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Gold Rate: Gold became cheaper the day before the start of Navratri, know how much the prices were reduced

Navratri festivals are going to start from Saturday. Before that there has been a huge fall in the gold rate. If we talk about this week, the price of gold has come down by Rs 600. Whereas even today gold is trading at a decline of 65 rupees per ten grams. According to experts, the price of gold may fall further in the coming days. The rise in the price of gold is expected to come about a week before Deepawali. On the other hand, the price of silver is being seen today. Let us also tell you at what level the prices of gold and silver are trading today.

There is a decline in the price of gold

Today the price of gold is falling. Gold is trading at Rs. 50650 per ten grams on Multi-Commodity Exchange at 10.50 am, falling by Rs. 65 per ten grams. Whereas today gold opened at Rs 50586 per ten gram as compared to Thursday. While gold closed at Rs 50,712 on Thursday night at 11:30. According to experts, there is a steady decline in the price of gold. In the coming days, the price of gold may fall further.

How many rupees gold has become cheaper this week?

If the price of gold falls this week, then lower the today’s lowest level from Monday’s highest level, then a drop of Rs 600 per ten grams is seen. The highest level of gold price on October 12 was 51,184 rupees. Whereas if you look at the minimum level of gold price today, then you are getting Rs 50,586 per ten grams. If you look at the difference between the prices of both days, then 600 rupees per ten grams are being seen. In the coming days, this difference can be seen even bigger.

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Silver becomes expensive

Unlike gold, the price of silver is getting faster. Currently, the price of silver has risen by Rs 170 to Rs 61,705 per kg. While today silver opened at Rs 61,649 per kg. This is also the lowest level of silver today. While today’s highest level of silver is getting Rs 61,781 per kg in the futures market. According to futures data, silver on Thursday closed at Rs 61,535 per kg after trading.

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Gold is trying to get to the level

According to Kedia Commodity Director Ajay Kedia, gold and silver are visible in the international market. Due to which the price of gold is seen falling in the local futures market. On the other hand, due to the festive season, gold in the futures market is trying to bring itself to a little level. Due to which the price of gold may fall slightly further. So that the people of the country can invest more and more in gold.

One week before Deepawali, it may be faster to see

At the same time, according to Anuj Gupta, deputy vice president (commodity and research) of Angel Broking, the price of gold can also fall during Navratri. This decline is expected to continue for ten days after Dussehra and a week before Deepawali. After that, there can be a rise in the price of gold. However, this time, there may be a different type of enthusiasm in gold among ordinary investors.

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