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Work From Home Side Effects: Bad effect on mental health of working from home, personal life of one person affected in every three, survey revealed

Mental health has been challenging for both men and women, but women appeared to be more satisfied with themselves. (Image- Reuters)

Work From Home Side Effects: The world’s largest lockdown was imposed in India last year due to the Corona epidemic. Due to this, the culture of work from home increased and as far as possible, the practice of work from home continues as far as the threat of corona remains. Now a survey by ICICI Lombard General Insurance has revealed that it is having a profound effect on the mental health of the people. According to the survey, the health status proportion of people before COVID was 54 percent, which has now come down to 35 percent.

Health status means how many people are healthy and health status proportion means how many people are healthy among all the people. The increasing pressure of work in work from home is affecting the mental health of the people. According to the survey, 89 percent of people expect their company to improve their health and wellness program and only 75 percent of them are happy with their companies’ current program.

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women take better care of themselves

According to the survey, it has come to the fore that now the trend of health insurance has increased not only due to hospitalization, but now people have become conscious about wellness as well. About 47 percent people want to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that they not only look great but also feel better about themselves. In this, 45 percent of the people are young people of 25-35 years. All the people said that the healthy habits they have adopted during Corona will continue even further. According to the survey, there was 54 percent health status before Corona, which has now come down to 34 percent. Mental health has been challenging for both men and women, but women appeared to be more satisfied with themselves. About 38 percent of the women surveyed were satisfied with their mental health status, but in the case of men, this figure was 35 percent.

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survey done like this

Due to Corona, people have now become more serious about their health and according to ICICI Lombard General Insurance, 86 percent people actively do activities to improve physical and mental health. The General Insurance Company conducted a survey about how active they are regarding health and wellness in the current era. According to the survey, now the demand for health insurance is increasing rapidly. In this survey, 1532 people in different working conditions i.e. fully work from home and partially work from home were included in different metro cities across the country.

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