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ICICI Bank launches special service, invest in this way in FD sitting at WhatsApp

ICICI Bank has also started providing its services to its customers through WhatsApp in an easy way. Six months ago, the bank started some services through WhatsApp and now the bank will also provide services related to investing in FDs, paying utility bills and trade finance. It has become the first bank in the banking industry to offer such services. It is providing 25 banking services on WhatsApp. For this, the bank has to send a message on 86400 86400 to a verified number from the mobile number registered with the bank on WhatsApp. This will help people to avail banking services even while staying in their home or office.

What services will be available

  • Retail customers can now invest in FDs on WhatsApp.
  • Electricity, cooking gal and postpaid mobile phone bills can be paid.
  • The owners of corporates and MSMEs can view the information related to trade finance. Such as – Customer ID, import-export code, limited availability of credit facility available with the bank, pending remittances. Right now the services of trade finance are available for certain corporate but it will be made available to everyone after a few days.

ICICI Bank started services 6 months ago

The bank started offering services to its customers on WhatsApp six months ago. At present, the bank is providing 25 banking services. This includes savings account balance, last three transactions, credit card limits, pre-approved instant loan offers, block or unblock cards, open an instant savings account, apply for a loan moratorium, PDF of some newspapers or magazines and nearby essentials There are services like locating the stores.

How to start WhatsApp Banking

  • Save the ICICI Bank verified number 86400 86400 in your mobile contacts.
  • Send Hi message from your mobile number registered with the bank on this number.
  • The bank will send a list of its services in a WhatsApp message.
  • Type your services and send them according to the list. For example, if you want to open an FD, choose the amount (10 thousand to 1 crore rupees) and duration for the FD by writing. The system will show interest rates for different periods and also the maturity amount.

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Source: www.financialexpress.com

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